Thursday, November 13, 2008

Inching Ever Closer

As we thought might happen based on inital rumours early last week, CC*AA referred 2 LID's worth of files. It was a smaller batch than we'd hoped or anticipated but at least it means I'm 2 days closer to Hannah and that's what I'm choosing to celebrate. There are just 34 more LID's* to be referred before I see sweet Hannah's face for the very first time!

While this small batch was hard on many of us it was also a time of celebration for those whose files were logged in February 16th and 17th, 2006. Congratulations Donna and Joe and Grandma Linda too!! Lauren Elizabeth is absolutely beautiful and I'm so excited for you! Praying that your baby girl be in your arms before Christmas!

Next up in the list of bloggy friends is the amazing, wonderful, fun PIPO! Oh how I would love her to see her baby's face next time round! Praying the next batch covers at least 7 LID's!!

* I've had some people ask me to help them understand what the size of the batches mean. Probably the easiest way to do this is to look at the number of Log in Dates (LID's) that are left to be matched before I receive Hannah's referral. That number is '34'.

Should CC*AA continue to refer approx. 6 LID's per month, it means I taks the number 34 and divide it by 6. This comes to 5.6 which rounds up to 6 months. 6 more referral batches would mean I would anticipate seeing Hannah's referral this coming May!!

Should CC*AA refer only 2 days per month (and I do not, repeat DO NOT anticipate this happening) it would mean I would take those same 34 days and this time divide it by 2 which would mean I wouldn't receive Hannah's referral for 17 months which would be April 2010. I cannot and DO NOT believe that will happen but I wanted to find an easy way to explain how the size of the referral batches affects my potential referral date.

Hope this helps people who aren't living, breathing and dreaming everything adoption understand referral batches a little more.

As always, trusting God's perfect timing. I love surprises and this one must be one of the very best kept secrets! Exactly when will I receive her referral? I don't know, but God does and that's all that matters!


  1. I don't understand the two day batch - I really don't. Sending you hugs...

    I am a BIG believer in perfect timing!

  2. You are so amazing with your strong faith. I know when your sweet Hannah comes she will be perfect for you. I know how hard this wait is, but after seeing Donna receive her Lauren, I also know it is well worth the wait.. Keep up your wonderful attitude and keep on traveling and visiting with all your new friends and time will pass a little quicker .Linda

  3. Love the POSITIVE you are putting out there!


  4. I am sorry that you are "inching". I really hope that you will be "footing" soon...

  5. Amen to that last line! And congrats on being two LID's closer to seeing baby Hannah's face!

    See you in a couple of hours!


  6. Seeing Donna and Joe's video really hit home. The simple act of opening an email and how it changes your life forever.

    I am hanging onto you...your positivity rubs off on me.

    Keep smilin!

  7. You are getting there...
    Each marble is a step closer...
    We LOVE putting sea shells in the jar..
    Even though we are a LONG ways away.. it is still.. One day closer..

  8. Congratulations on being 2 LID's closer to Hannah!

    I think you will receive a referral around May/June of next year! No 2010, not even close!
    This is your LAST Christmas without her.

    Keep that positive outlook and before long you will be looking at Hannah's beautiful face!

  9. We are all getting closer and closer, but you are REALLY, REALLY, very close now!

    How is the nursery plan coming along?

  10. 2 days worth of log in dates was depressing. I admire your positive out look on life, & you continue to inspire the rest of us to think positively.

    All the best.

  11. Hang in there Catherine - you positive atitude will take you far. I for one cannot wait to see Hannah's referral picture!

    ps I have been enjoying your posts on Disney - we are headed there in March! Great pictures!

  12. I can't believe this two day batch. But I am grateful for your positive outlook. Looking forward to 6 more months or less.

  13. 2 day batch sucks but...
    You are getting there girl!

    Stay positive!

    Smiles! :o)

  14. Fianlly, I'm at peace with it all...2 weeks, 6 weeks...even 8 weeks. My girl is coming soon. I feel as ready as I can be.

    You are also nearing the time when you see that bright warm light at the end of the tunnel. It took me a while to stop flipping out about it and just walk into it. It's a nice place to be.

    So happy to see all the dreams that just came true. They have their light at last.

  15. You are being so good during the wait! Keeping busy, active with children and encouraging those still in the wait! You're a generous person with your time and gifts!


  16. Hi Catherine,
    I've been an admirer of your blog for quite some time, so thought I would take this opportunity to say hello.
    Love those ladybugs. My first blog was entitled Journey to our Ladybug, so obviously I have a fondness for them.

    Hang in there, sounds like you're getting close.




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