Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Bright and early Monday morning Marg and I hit the road. Destination...DISNEY!

Since we only had one day to spend at a park we knew that we wanted to go to the Magic Kingdom!

After enjoying the Magic Kingdom's amazing grand opening we boarded the train and headed around to Frontierland. Greeting us on our way to Splash Mountain was Goofy so I took advantage of a Kodak moment. This was the only character we met this trip so I'm glad we stopped and captured the fun.

The morning was full of rides, shows, fun and laughter and then...IT WAS THAT TIME!! As Marg and I rode Cinderella's Golden Carousel my phone rang and I looked beside me to see....Karen and Gwen (password protected site), Lisa and Gracie! Karen asked where I was and laughing I told her I was just dismounting my horse! :o)

Can I tell you how AMAZING it was to meet Karen?!! She was one of the very first blogs I ever began reading back in 2005 and immediately I felt a kinship. Throughout the past 3 years a wonderful friendship has grown as we've read one another's blogs, emailed and phoned each other. Even though we had never met in person it felt like we'd been friends for years! Truly it was a dream come true to meet she and Gwen!!

An added bonus was meeting Lisa and Gracie. I've read her blog for a few years too and remember following her journey to China. Gracie is an adorable little sweetheart and it was so fun to meet her and her wonderful mommy. Gracie was pretty quiet during lunch but once we got on 'It's a Small World' she entertained us with all her adorable little comments, gasps and excitement! It was wonderful meeting you Lisa! Looking forward to seeing you another time when I'm in O'town.

The group of us headed to Pinocchio Village Haus for lunch. We were lucky enough to snag one of the tables that overlook It's a Small World. We thought it might keep the girls entertained while we visited but I tell you, Gwen and Gracie are 2 amazing little girls and they just enjoyed their lunch and entertained themselves afterwards. Precious, precious little girls!!

While waiting in line for 'It's a Small World' Gwen snapped some pics of Karen. Heh...I think that lens might weigh as much as she does! I love how this pic captures Karen in Gwen. Karen often chooses to take pics on an angle and this is exactly how Gwen in holding the camera. Like mother like daughter!

All too soon it was time to say good-bye. It was hard but I am so thankful we were able to meet! Gwen was ready for a nap and Gracie had a date with Ariel.

Karen and I have tried probably a half dozen times to get together over the years and have always missed one another by a matter of hours. I'm so glad this time that wasn't the case! Love you bunches friend...until next time!

Marg and I continued to enjoy our day at the MK. We watched the parade, rode all the rides our hearts desired and were ready to call it a day just as the park was closing to those not attending Mickey's Very Merry Chirstmas Party. Thanks for such a great day Marg! I'm so happy you and I were able to enjoy this together!

As we were leaving I turned around for one last peek at the magic and what I saw almost took my breath away! This picture doesn't do it an ounce of justice but the little lights that draped the castle were enchanting!

Disney...what can I say? I love all that it is and cannot wait to introduce Hannah to the magic!!


  1. Oh wow! What a treat to see Karen and Gwen again. I used to read Gwenblog until it was shut down. I can't believe how much Gwen has grown. And Karen looks so happy and healthy as well. It's kind of a funny coincidence because I just happened to think about them a few days ago and wondered how they were doing.

  2. How totally cool to meet the girls!!! As with Si, I used to read Gwenblog, and Karen did send me the details for the new one... but I'm such a ditz I didn't write it down, and soon forgot!!! Its fantastic to see Karen looking so well! And Gwen for that matter! I've also been following Lisa and Gracie - forever! Great that you met them all!!!

    ...I cannot wait to see you in the Magic Kingdom with Princess Hannah!

  3. I have never been to Disney but I can't wait to go.

    A few years ago I met a blog friend. It was great to finally meet her in person. Over the years she has become my best friend and we don't get to meet up very often but when we do we have a blast.

  4. Cathy, I'm so glad you had opportunity to meet your friends - and in the best place ever!! I had goosebumps when I saw your last picture --- ahhh...I want to go back! :o)

    Glad you're having such a wonderful time!
    Love ya,

  5. Oh my gosh those Christmas decorations are stunning. I bet it is amazing in person.

    Love you spirit!


  6. You have the best time wherever you go!!! You are always flitting and meeting so many people..It's so wonderful everyone is tied together with that Red Thread... Hannah will have so many " sisters around the World". Linda

  7. There's nothing better than a trip to the Magic Kingdom!!!

    Glad you & Karen & Gwennie found an opportunity to finally meet up. I have to agree with you, those 2 gals are awesome =)


  8. What a great time. You are my official Miss Gadabout. I love all the traveling you do. I get to enjoy the sights and I don't even have to pack ;0)

    You, m'dear, are a Disney addict.

  9. What a whirlwind and special day! Happy for you that you managed to squeeze in a wonderful day trip like that and meet special friends.

    Keep smilin!

  10. Looks like a grand time was had by all. Glad you had the chance to meet with fellow bloggers and their beautiful girls.

  11. as much as we love disney, ive never been at christmas time. thanks for sharing your experience with us..what an awesome friend you have!

  12. What an amazing day!!
    I can't believe how big Gracie is already. I followed their journey to China - it seems like just recently. :)

    I bet MK is AMAZING at Christmas. I never thought about it before, but I'm sure they do it right!

    What a GREAT trip!!

  13. It was soooo fun meeting you and Marg in "real life" :) I will e-mail you the photos I took really soon.

    We headed over to EPCOT and while we had an amazing time (in China of course) I am sad we missed the castle... truly looks like a dream!!!!

    Stay warm!!
    Lisa :)

  14. I'm missing Disney just looking at those pictures! Glad you girls had such a fantastic day!

  15. We too have been in MAGIC KINGDOM for a Christmas party and parade and I have to admit there is nothing like it anywhere else in the world. I turn into a big ole kid, I want to live there!!!! hehehe The pictures are great and I am so happy you had a good time.

    Love , Kristy

  16. Of course! How could you be SO close and NOT go to Disney??? It's a given! :) Glad you had yet another good time and met some more bloggy friends. How fun!


  17. Wow.. you are a travelin' gal! Glad you had a fantastic time and a meeting with bloggy friends... I stopped reading Gwenblog awhile ago...Wow how grown up Gwen is and Karen looks like the picture of health! Thanks for sharing.


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