Thursday, October 25, 2007

Amazing Generosity Once Again!

Once again my friend Julie was amazingly generous in contributing to the growing collection of items awaiting Hannah! She and I shared a great lunch together enjoying one another's company as well as her daughter's fun chatter. I hadn't seen them in a little over a year and it's amazing what a difference a year can make. Her little one is adorable and it's such fun to hold conversations with a toddler!

It was a great time for Julie and I to catch up and she also had some wonderful items for Hannah. I have a crib for her that Carol and I picked up during a quick border shoppy trip in May of 2006. It makes me laugh (and almost cry) to see that in the post I mentioned waiting until February of 2007 to begin Hannah's nursery. Alas I won't even be starting her nursery in February of 2008! Possibly in the spring? Or, more likely summer/fall. Ok...enough of the wait, let's get to the wonderful gifts!

This will be Hannah's crib bedding. It's a one-of-a-kind set that was made by Sarah Richardson of HGTV. The really neat thing is that I'd never even heard of Sarah Richardson but the night before Julie and I got together for lunch I happened to see her show, 'Sarah's House.' Too cool! The colours are perfect too as Hannah's crib will initially be in my room which is also pink and green. I haven't quiet decided on the colours and theme of her 'big girl' room. I'm considering buying a single bed to put in there but am not sure. I have a few accessories for that room but that's about all so far.

Also included with the gift's was a 'Utah Bed' for Hannah! Others may call this a 'Pack 'n Play' but Rose and Marie know it as a 'Utah bed' and if that's the name for those sweeties then it works for us too! It was funny. When Julie pulled this out of her storage room my first thought was, 'Cool! Now Hannah has a Utah bed too!'

There were other assorted items that are much appreciated too. A video monitor which will be a wonderful luxury item. It will be so nice to be able to check on Hannah and watch her sleep without having to navigate all the many squeaks that my floors and stairs make. (If I ever purchase a new home again I'll be sure to screw down the floor before the carpeting goes down!!) There were also crib sheets; fuzzy, soft change table covers and a diaper bag too.

The final gifts are Hannah's first wooden puzzles! I really like doing puzzles and look forward to some fun playtime with her as we work on these together. If you look carefully you'll also see a little plastic linking toy. Julie's daughter took this out of her own toys and asked me to give it to Hannah! Isn't that sweet?

Thank you Julie!! Once again your generosity is humbling. I am so thankful for your friendship and also thankful for your giving spirit. GREATLY appreciated!


  1. Wonderful and practical gifts!

    Keep smilin!

  2. She is one super duper friend. lucky you! great gifts!

  3. That's great stuff! I love the Utah beds!!!


  4. Whoa, those are great!!!!

  5. Wow! Looks like Christmas came early at your house!
    I love Sarah Richardson - you lucky girl!

  6. Great gifts! My favourite is that crib bedding - love the colours! The wooden puzzles are great too - nothing quite like sitting down to do puzzles together. :)


  7. Wonderful gifts from a great friend! I just bought that shape puzzle for Ava...I love those wooden puzzles!

  8. WOW! Julie is a gem! What fantastic gifts!

    I so hear you, on the "nursery front"! I just say, when I get a referral now!!! All I need to do is "assemble" things. No painting etc, so I figure its safe to wait til I see Mini's sweet face!

  9. So great! Isn't it great to be loved!

  10. a You do have a wonderful friend! Love that you have a "UTAH BED". Just means one thing... trips to Utah is in your and Hannah's future!

  11. Those are some very useful gifts to receive!! What a great friend!

    Smiles! :o)

  12. My goodness, your girl is ALL stocked up with goodies.

    Yes, I must get one of those Utah beds for J too :0)

    Wonderful gifties!

  13. what great gifts -and I love that bedding! beautiful!

  14. Looks like you are stocked for Ms. Hannah!

  15. I love your bedding. I'll be sharing a room and probably family bed with my daughter, too.


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