Thursday, October 04, 2007

A Woman of My Word...and Thank You i-Con

Yes, I did it and here's the evidence. This my friends was my 'referral batch coping mechanism' and it went down really well! All the ooey, gooey chocolate, ice cream and pecans were just what the doctor ordered to help deal with this month's teeny, tiny referral batch. Not only was this batch small in LID's, it appears it was also small in numbers although possibly included many expedited referrals. Not to sure about that but hopefully for those families included, this is correct. (Explanation: A family may be entitled to an expedited referral if one or both of the parents were born in China and they receive their referral ahead of those who share their LID. We have one family in our travel group that were expedited and travelled earlier this year to meet their daughter. What a sweetie and I'm so happy for them!)

Now, back to the DQ. It was wonderful, but, also may be partially responsible for my 2:30am waking and thus blogging. That and something that came up at work just before I left. Why is 2am a good time for me to start mulling work over in my head? Normally I leave the office at the office but some days it follows me home and pops up in the middle of the night. Oh well, no biggie and I'm sure the situation will be resolved tomorrow and I'll be able to check one more thing off the 'to do' list. (Clarification: it's not a 'people' problem. All's well in the coworker rhelm! When I first started this type of work I slept with a pen and paper beside my bed because I'd think of questions and scenarios in the middle of the night. It's better now but I sometimes get thinking too much at night which keeps me up. Guess it's good to think sometime. :o) Hmmm...since work woke me up at 2am do you think my boss will mind me taking a nap at my desk at 2pm tomorrow? I'm not thinking that will go over too well!

Back to the ice cream, again. It was deelish and would you believe it? As I was leaving the house I remembered a coupon that I'd clipped last week. 'Buy one, Get one free.' Not wanting to waist waste the coupon I took it to DQ with me and now have a treat in the freezer to enjoy sometime this weekend. Most 2 for 1 coupons go straight into the garbage in my home but not this one. cream!

When I arrived home with my sticky treats I stopped to pick up the mail. What fun to find this delightful pink duckie in the mailbox with a reminder that October is Breast Cancer awareness month. Thanks for the great reminder i-Con! So far have avoided da big squishing machine but I'm sure my time will come sooner than later. Not looking forward to it but I'm sure it will be fine when it happens. The cute little duckie is already in with Rebecca's bath toys and I'm sure she'll notice it first off next time she visits! Thanks friend!

Since it's almost 3am I'm going to try and get some shut-eye before my alarm wakes me up in a few hours. Yeah, only 1 more day until the long weekend! We Canadians are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend and this year one thing I'm thankful for is this amazing weather. Would you believe we're still averaging 25o (high 70's) each day? Yeah! No complaints here!

Sweet ice-cream dreams and Quack, quack!


  1. Do Canadians use the metric measurement/temp. system too?!! I think America needs to get with the programme!!!

    Your icecreams look deeeeelish! I totally support your "bummed" feelings about this month's referrals. Happy Happy for the families that received them, but their doesn't appear to be many?

  2. OMG that ice cream look delicious and who doesn't luv a BOGO coupon. I love Dairy Queen but sadly there aren't any here on Long Island :(
    Enjoy your long weekend and the beautiful weather.

  3. Yum to the DQ!

    I am so glad my Canuck duxks are now making their rounds. Cracks me up that I can send something to Australia and it gets there before things do to my northern neighbor.

    You're starting to sound like me with that up-in-the-middle-of-the-night stuff.

    Hope the offending thing that had you up soon resolves.

  4. A delicious way to cope. And a bargain duo!

    Hope you get some rest and that the situation is better.

    Keep smilin!

  5. Oh how yummy..sounds like a great mechanism

  6. Oh, your DQ treat looks scrumptious! Ava and I got our pink duckie in the mail yesterday also.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! It is wonderful to be able to celebrate the holiday in shorts & a t-shirt isn't it! You've just made me crave DQ, I may be there tonight after dinner.

  8. Dale went and got me a blizzard type thing from our ice cream store (our nearest DQ is 2 hrs away!! lol) last night too!

    I was going to take a pic of me eating it but I was in my p.j's so I thought it would be bad I just ate it!! lol

    Guess that means I get to buy another one today to take a pic with!! lol ;) Ahhh shucks!!

  9. Well, a little ice cream and chocolate will do everybody a world of good...When I visit the DQ a Snickers Blizzard is my standard :-)

  10. OMG! I'm gonna have to get me one of those...that looked so good, I think I literally salivated out the corner of my mouth a little...


  11. YUMMY!

    I agree...what a disappointing month!

  12. I agree .... the referral batch was very sorry .... but I envy your ability to find joy in the small things .... we're shutting down the computer and heading out to DQ now ......

  13. MMMM - ice cream!! That DQ looks delish!

    The boob squisher is not too bad...

  14. I just wish they would hurry up and confirm the date with an update on their website. Have you heard of anyone with a referral from a Nov. 30th?

    Your DQ treat is looki ng pretty "Utterly Divine" will have to do for tonight!

    Cute ducky!

  15. We we so on the same page:) on Sunday night Rowan and I decided the only thing that could help our waiting blues was some Kit Kat Blizzards from DQ YUMMY

  16. YUM!!! I am sorry about the number of referrals. We feel your pain. And I totally agree that ice cream makes everything better

  17. I like the way you cope, yummy those are one of my favourites too.

    I had a work dream Wednesday night too, must have been something in the air.

    Have a great Turkey Weekend.

  18. I am looking at this and thinking... where is the closest DQ??!!

    I think 20 minutes...hmm...

  19. OMG - I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO getting DQ tonight!!!!!!! Not even kidding!!!!!

    And about the giant "chester presser" machine: it was a BREEZE. Not painful at all. Just leave your modesty at the door and you'll be fine ;)

  20. Funny... you were up in the middle of the night when you e-mailed me!!! Wish you would have called so we could chat.... oh well. Happy Thanksgiving you foreigner!!! Love to know how you all celebrate....

    Hugs my friend


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