Sunday, May 13, 2007

Our first Babies!!

Last night was even more exciting as we welcomed home 3 babies from China! Aren't they adorable?!!!

Here is Karen and her sweet Samara. She was the quietest of the 3 little ones last night and loved to take in all the excitement from the safety of mommy's lap. She's absolutely precious! Welcome home Samara!

This is little Olivia and her mom Deb! This littly dynamo just learned how to walk on Friday and was only too pleased to show all of us her new skill! She's a busy little one with a ready smile and loves to keep her mommy hopping. Welcome home Olivia!

Our most recent addition is beautiful Ava and her mommy Liz. Ava has been home less than 2 weeks and was ready to join in the fun of chasing bubbles and playing! Ava had a smile that lights up the room! Welcome home Ava!

Playtime for Ava and Olivia!

This last picture made me smile! As I was down on the floor taking pics of the little ones playing I turned to my left and saw this. Oh yes! Can you imagine? The babies were here! Can you imagine what kind of damage we'll do when more and more babies join our group? We'll have to pay extra for a cleaning staff to tidy when we leave. :o)

It was wonderful to meet you Samara, Olivia and Ava! Welcome to the GTA Waiting Mommies Group!

Another addition to our group is precious Mercy. Here's a picture of her proud Mommy Deb (formerly known as 'Mystery Mom 1') with her sweet baby's picture. Congratulations Deb! Looking forward to following your journey to China this summer.

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  1. Beautiful Moms ~ Gorgeous babies!

    Congratulations Deb! How exciting!!!


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