Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Jacob!

My friend Carol's son turned 10 yesterday! Happy Birthday Jacob! I was invited over to their place last night to celebrate with birthday cake and then today Carol and I took a party of 6 very excited young men to the show to see 'Shrek 3'. (It was ok - wait for the video.) We had a great time with the boys at the show and then headed to Boston Pizza for supper. Yumm! (I thought it was neat to be there tonight as Boston Pizza was the place where Doris & Dan and I met for the first time last summer! Tomorrow I'll be hitting the highway with Kathy and Joel heading off to visit Doris and Dan! Love it when stuff like that happens.)

At first I tried to think of a gift to buy a 10yo boy that he wold like and was pretty stumped until I thought about the gift cards available at one of my favourite stores - Bulk Barn! We tried to convince him he needed to purchase pasta or dried fruit with the gift card but somehow candy was the only thing on his mind. Happy shopping Jacob....and sorry for the sugar infused little boy you're going to have mom!

PS - Who would have thought I'd ever spend a Friday night with 6 men? Ah yes...but none of them could drive and not one of them brought their wallet either. Sounds a little like some of the blind dates I've been on but that's a story for another time...


  1. Happy Birthday Jacob!

    Sounds like a fun evening. Sorry the movie wasn't so hot.

  2. Happy Birthday....

    uh, the wiped out faces in the photo are very scary :0)


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