Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sunday in The Villages

Sunday morning we went to church at The Village of Faith Baptist Church.  IMG_5698

I think you can tell from this picture why there were only 5 little ones in Sunday School with Hannah but it sure was enjoyable and they made us feel so welcome! IMG_5552

While we were at church our wheels for the week arrived!  One of our favourite part about visiting The Villages is that we can take the golf cart everywhere!  IMG_5556

The golf cart also ends up being one of Hannah’s favourite places to nap.IMG_5557

After finding a couple of adorable Christmas outfits for Hannah we headed home for a quiet evening.  I’d bought Hannah her first set of Lego the day before and she was excited to finally have some ‘girl’ Lego to play with.  IMG_5560


Little does she know how well she’ll be set up with Lego once Christmas Day arrives!!


  1. Are you gong to buy the Disney Lego's? I bet Hannah would get a kick out that. lol.
    Will you be visiting Disney again during your trip?

    1. She doesn't know it but she has a few Disney Princess Lego sets coming her way this Christmas! She's going to be one excited little girl!!

      Sadly this is our last evening for this trip. I'm finishing up packing and we're heading to bed at a good time as we need to get up at 3:15 to catch our 7:15am flights home tomorrow. It's been another wonderful trip!

    2. Have a safe trip back!

  2. SO sweet. How I love her smile (and that lip biting in sleep reminds me of Ellis!).


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