Monday, August 11, 2014

Sun, Fun and Sandcastles

Last Saturday Hannah and I joined Auntie K, Uncle J, K & G at a beach less than an hour away and oh my….why haven’t we been before?  They go often and yet last Saturday was a first for Hannah and I.  It’s a beautiful beach and we shared a great day together!!  IMG_4344

The kids played in the sand and water for hours and hours!IMG_4350

At times I think they were seeing if they could coat their bodies with every grain of sand on the beach!


Time out for lunch.IMG_4347

Our cartwheelin’ girls!IMG_4342

There was also a sandcastle building contest the day we were there and it was amazing what some of these people built, especially the ‘amateurs!’  WOW!  Check out Dusty!


Thanks so much for the invite Auntie K!  We had a GREAT time with you at the beach and cannot wait to join your family there again!


  1. Such a fun day!!! Hope we can do it again before the summer ends. :)

  2. May I ask what they are all wearing on their ankles? Are they "if lost please call..." Type bracelets? Just curious :)

    1. Yes, each child has a bracelet with their parent's cell number on it. I ordered these a couple of years ago from and put the word out to friends and it ended up 13 of us placed orders. They're great to have when we go on outings and travel.

  3. Seriously! Can I be your kid? You are the best.


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