Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Alisha’s Walkathon

Saturday Hannah and I met a walking, talking miracle!  1 year ago now we were praying for my co-worker and friend’s daughter, Alisha.  1 year ago she was in a tragic tubing accident that almost claimed her life.  She was air lifted from Muskoka to Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto barely clinging to life at the time.  After spending 6 weeks in a medically-induced coma she needed to relearn many of those things we take for granted.  Her right arm had been crushed and she sustained sever head trauma.

Now, only one short year later she is walking, talking and more!  She has started dancing again which is her first love and what she had graduated from college doing only weeks before her accident.    She spent 2 1/2 months at Sunnybrook and then 2 additional months at a rehab centre.  She shared Saturday that when she went to the rehab centre there were over 200 patients there and she was only 1 of 3 who were able to walk!   Part of that is why she decided a walkathon was a great way for her to raise money to support Sunnybrook Trauma Emergency Critical Care Program!

Hannah and I had fun visiting Alisha’s fund raiser and contributing to such a worthy cause!  Alisha was so sweet with Hannah and encouraged her to try the children’s stations that they had prepared. 

Alisha and Hannah at the ring toss.IMG_4171 (2)

Trying out the duck pond.


Mmmm…cotton candy!  A favourite of Hannah’s for sure!!IMG_4178

Alisha, we are so thankful that God answered the prayers of many and that your recovery has been so amazing!  Your outgoing, positive personality will take you far and I know you will be an amazing encouragement to many throughout your life as you continue to share your story with others.  Your fund raiser was a fun way for us to spend a Saturday afternoon and a treat to meet you in person and hug the gal Hannah and I prayed for so often last summer.   All the best as you return to school in January!  You will be a great social worker who will truly be able to relate to those you are working with!

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  1. That is awesome! What an incredible story.....and what an incredible victory smile on a little girl with her cotton candy! Lol. ;-)


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