Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Day of Play

Earlier this year a new toy store opened near us and Hannah has been itching to go.  I wanted to go when I could offer her lots of time to explore and play and last Tuesday was that day. 

Before we even entered the store she spent ages at this water table – that had no water in it.  IMG_4180

As I slowly explored the store Hannah went from station to station playing with new and unique toys.  There was some cool sand called ‘Sands Alive’ that was really neat but I was more than happy to leave it at the store as I think at home it would be all over the floor!  She played with it for a long time but hasn’t talked about it since.  Phew!

We attempted to play a little hockey on one of the boards I remember as a kiddo but we’ll just say one person (who shall remain nameless) possibly used some illegal moves…maybe!IMG_4181

After looking at the books, shopping with a shopping cart, playing with puzzles and admiring the jewellery available for dress-up, Hannah’s final stop for play was with this large dollhouse.  IMG_4183

She had fun playing with it and I found it interesting to see her line each  piece of furniture up against a wall.  At first I wondered why and then I realized in our home that’s pretty much the way it is as it’s the best way to fit everything in to our smaller space.  Heh – never really thought about it!IMG_4185

We enjoyed over 2 hours of playtime together at the toy store before I snuck in one small purchase as a surprise for a couple of days later into our vacation.  It was fun to have the time to just wander, look at, touch and play with the toys.  We had a great time together and finished our outing at one of our favourite restaurants – The Mandarin.  I’d saved some gift cards Mom and Dad had given me to take Hannah for lunch and this ended up being the day.  A great way to end our outing together!IMG_1530

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  1. I can guess which toy store! We have one relatively close to us. Keira loves it. What makes it even better is that there is frozen yogurt right next door! 😉


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