Friday, December 13, 2013

Imperfection is Perfection! Our Christmas Tree!

For years my Christmas tree looked like this one.  The beads were strung carefully from branch to branch, bows and balls nicely spaced and all within the colour scheme.Christmas Tree 2007

Fast forward to 2013 and this is our tree this year.  And, it’s absolutely perfect and the one above pales in comparison for me!  I love it right down up to the crooked angel at the top!IMG_1686

We started with Hannah carefully draping weaving the beads while singing, ‘Jolly Old Saint Nicholas’

Once the beads were on Hannah donned her sparkle shoes in case of breakage.  We only lost 1 which was a much better record that in previous years!  I think it also helps that over the past 4 years I’ve also transitioned to many plastic ornaments.IMG_1664

The traditional final touch to our tree is the angel on top.  It took us about 10 mins with many stops for giggles but she finally got there!IMG_1677


Our primary decorator and her beautiful tree!  Great job Hannah XiaoFen!!IMG_1693


  1. A beautiful tree
    May Santa fill the bottom with what you each want.....though Catherine I think all you really ever want every year is that gift on your shoulders that's puttung on the star.......your face there says it all. know who(laugh here)

  2. I'm not sure what is my most favorite part! It's a tie between the crooked angel and the ornaments on the bottom that are hanging off of the beads. :) The close up shot of Hannah is so beautiful. I love the way her face is lit by the lights. What a wonderfully perfect tree!

  3. It's perfect! I love that shot of Hannah on your shoulders! We are so blessed to have our kids with us. ♡

  4. Btw, did you get our Christmas card? I don't remember seeing it in the international pile...

  5. When did Hannah get so big??? Beautiful tree for a beautiful girl!


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