Thursday, August 22, 2013

Disney 2013, Day 7 (Part 1): Magic Kingdom

Thursday morning our family of 6 were up bright and early heading to the Magic Kingdom (MK) in time for the opening show.  When you’re at Disney this really is worth going to at least once.  What a wonderful way to start the day!
We were able to leisurely stroll and visit many attractions while the park was waking up and not as many people were there.  Hannah was one of the people chosen by the camera in the ‘Laugh Floor’ attraction and did well making a silly face once she got over her stage fright. Smile  We enjoyed the Buzz Lightyear ride and then Tor, Josh and I rode Space Mountain. 
Tomorrowland Speedway was our first FP+ reservation of the day and it was a huge hit as always.  Anytime a 4yo gets to drive her Mommy around there is sure to be much laughter!  (Hannah often coloured in her autograph album but this time as you can see she took it further and coloured her entire hand green.   Zoinks!  Thankfully it washed off easily.)IMG_0377
After the speedway we went our separate ways for a bit.  Hannah and I headed over to the Crystal Palace to meet Auntie Norma and her family who are also at Disney this week.  (For those new to the blog, Norma was in China with me when Hannah and I became a family.)
Hannah is friends with Norma’s grandchildren too so it was fun for all of them to enjoy lunch together while the adults sat at the table next door.IMG_0391
At the Crystal Palace the kids were visited by Winnie the PoohIMG_0395
and Piglet.IMG_0406
It was great to see you Norma and family!  IMG_0408
Kaitlyn and Hannah watching the show in front of the castle.IMG_0409
We spent much of this afternoon meeting characters although did slip in a  ride on Splash Mountain IMG_0427and Pirates of the Caribbean.
Aladdin and JasmineIMG_0438
Beautiful girl in a beautiful setting!IMG_0450
Mommy and Hannah in front of the castle.IMG_0452
Hannah and I left the park and were off to meet Nana and the others for supper.  More about that in our next post.

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  1. How great that you were able to get together with everyone and enjoy a meal.

    I love (little) Tinkerbell (Hannah) with (big) Tinkerbell.


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