Wednesday, August 21, 2013

4th Referral Day Anniversary Celebration!

Hannah and I were blessed to celebrate the 4th Anniversary of her referral in China!  Well….almost.  We are still at Disney and today we were at Epcot so we took our annual referral day pictures there!  How fun!

I started with pictures of Hannah alone outsideIMG_0293

and then moved inside the China Pavilion.IMG_0297


Mommy and Hannah together….forever!IMG_0305

And because this is always a fun part…


2012 - 3.5 yo


2011 - 2.5 yo

20102010 - 18 months


Here are my referral day videos.  Hannah and I watched these together this morning and once again Mommy cried happy tears, especially with my beautiful daughter tucked into my arms!

What a wonderful place to celebrate this most special day!  The day God created our family!!! 

We found a special friend to celebrate with us!IMG_0308

Happy Referral Day Hannah XiaoFen!  Mommy loves you more than words can express!


  1. I'm not typically a religious person, but when I read blog, I'm SO comforted by the fact that God chose you and Hannah to be together. I have never seen two people who have SO meant to be together! I've been following your story since years before Hannah's referral and this still makes me cry this ugly cry when you post these :) what a lucky mom and daughter you both are to have each other! You are the epitome of what a happy family should look like.

  2. Love, love, love this post! A most special little girl and her special mom in China without the 13 - 17 hour flight! Clever mom! Happiest place on Earth is right! Happy Referral Day!

  3. Oh my! That last picture made me tear up! What a wonderful way to celebrate your referral day anniversary! Meant to be together forever for sure!

  4. Best referral anniversary pics yet! Looks like you are having a blast!

  5. What a beautiful way to celebrate. I love the the pic from 2009 where you and your parents are holding different photos of Hannah. You look so excited lol.
    Did you ladies have fun at Magic Kingdom?

    1. Yes!! And we're back again tonight. Our annual passes expire on less than 4 hours and my party princess wanted to come back to the MK one last time so here we are!

  6. Happy 4th Referral-versary!!! I have been following your blog for awhile now...loving hearing your stories! Hannah is beautiful:)That is one of my favourite names! Blessings from the West Coast! I love that you found Mulan to help you celebrate!


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