Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sugar Bush Adventure

I’ll start with saying Hannah has a memory that baffles, impresses me and puts me to shame!    I have always struggled to memorize things and so far this gift seems to come naturally to Hannah.  It could be that due to her age she doesn’t have a lot to clutter up her little memory but still – she amazes me!   I pray it has nothing to do with her age and that it is a gift she will always have.

On the way to gymnastics a few weeks back I told Hannah we were going to go to the sugar bush later that day with her cousin.  She was super excited and bouncing around in her car seat!  What she said next is what baffled me.  She said, ‘Mommy, we went there with K & G but then last year it was raining so we couldn’t go with Ben.’  And yes – she was right!   I’m baffled because the time we went to the sugar bush with K & G she was 25 months old!  Yes, 2 years and 1 month old and that was 2 years ago but she remembered the details correctly!  And that our sugar bush adventure with her friend Ben had been rained out last year.  Oh how I hope this gift of remembering things remains with her!

So, after gymnastics we picked up Hannah’s cousin Makenna and headed out for an afternoon of fun.  Posing on this beautiful sunny day with an old style sap bucket. 


Both girls said their favourite part of our trip to the maple sugar bush was the wagon ride.  Check out those smiles!



The girls were also able to try out a replica of how sap was carried from the trees in the past and how they reduced it to syrup over an open fire.IMG_0589


The girls also had an opportunity to hand dip candles.  Lots of fun little activities packed into an hour’s visit.IMG_0596

When we left the sugar bush we headed up the street to a store that I knew had baby chicks the girls could hold.  These little cuties were only 2 days old!  I love the look of simple joy on Hannah’s face!IMG_0600

Check out that smile!IMG_0605

The friendship our girls share is precious and I’m so thankful they have one another!IMG_0607



  1. Love the pictures of the girls--what sweethearts!
    Yes, please let her keep that awesome memory she has :) It's crazy sometimes all that my niece remembers, she's 4 almost 5, and this auntie has to stay on her game. No making promises you're not quite sure you can keep (not that I do anyways) and no trying to tell her she liked/didn't like something, because she remembers that too ;)
    Sugar Bush looks like a pretty cool place to go.

  2. What a FUN day!

    And welcome back!


  3. So much fun!!!! And yes Tate is seeing all the fun and wondering where our sugar bush is.

  4. Does it delight you to realize that she will have a wide range of career choices due to being so bright and motivated?!


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