Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring Swimming Lessons

Hannah continues to be my little fish!  We occasionally swim during the winter but I tend to save swimming lessons for the spring session.  Hannah is taking the same level that she did last spring and I see huge differences in her skills!   She may or may not pass this time but really it doesn’t matter to me at all, it’s all about her improving her swimming skills and gaining confidence and I see this happening with every single lesson.  Hannah has always been pretty confident in the water and now her skills are improving due to her willingness to try new things and persevere as she learns them.  One thing my sweetie hears on a daily basis from any number of people is ‘Slow down’ and this is something that will help her swimming too but I do see her starting to slow down a bit and really concentrate on the details.  Way to go Hannah!!DSC_1143

You are doing so well Hannah!  Mommy is so proud of you!



  1. What a cute little fishie you have! Watching little kiddos, like my niece, in the pool with their little baby doll eyes open makes my eyes burn ;) lol :)

  2. Way to go, Hannah!!! You are doing such a great job - keep it up!

  3. Awesome, Hannah!!! Hey! Her teacher is a former student of mine! Matthew P.! Taught him in grade 11! Good kid. :)

  4. Most kids need to repeat a swim lesson every now and then especially if they started at a young age like Hannah did. It's not big deal and i'm glad you aren't making it into a big deal. I started at 6 years old and still repeated 1 level. I think it was level 8. Some years later I got my lifeguard certificate!


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