Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Swimming, Swimming, In the Swimming Pool

Hannah is in her first non-parented swimming class and she’s doing great!  I’ll admit to being concerned before she started the class.  Not that she’d cry but that she’d hop in the pool while the teacher was working with another kiddo!  We did some practice lessons during public swims and she did really well waiting her turn.  
The first week she had a private lesson as she was the only one signed up for her class and I hoped it would stay that way.  It was not meant to be as the next week she was joined by 4 adorable little boys.  All 5 of them are confident in the water so they get lots of opportunities to try things and the teacher is often heard reminding them that they need to stay against the wall when she’s working with another kiddo.  I’m so thankful for the new style of pools with the variety of depths that allows the kiddos to stay in the water while waiting their turn rather than shivering while sitting on the side.  Hannah is still shivering by the end of the class even though she’s in the water and it’s 88oF.
Hannah and her men. IMG_5404
In this video you catch a glimpse of Hannah splashing Coach T as she jumps to her.  Sadly this happens each time she goes to her to attempt something.  Poor Coach T!  But, after she does her float….check out Hannah!  She’s SWIMMING!  She may not travel far but that will come with time.  I love the confidence Hannah has in the water!  It beats Mommy who cried her way through 3 swimming lessons at her age until my parents pulled me for a year. 
Starfish floatIMG_5401
Put me in coach!IMG_5410 - Copy
Jumping into the deeper water.  This was the very first time Coach T had moved into the deeper water yet it didn’t faze Hannah in the least.  Jump baby girl!
This is a big step in Hannah’s swimming independence and she’s doing great!!  I don’t anticipate that she’ll pass this level this session but that’s totally ok with me.  She’ll eventually need to float on her back and front on her own and glide for 2m on her own so that’s going to need more work.  For not she’s learning and that’s what matters.
Way to go Hannah!  Mommy is so proud of you!!IMG_5414


  1. Looking good. My kids took lessons as well. It sorta "took", but it wasn't until they were in summer camp where kids swim 4 days out of 5 that they finally became proficient.

  2. Awesome! Go Hannah.

    The girls start after dance ends, just like we did last year. They're not bad at all, and I figure anything beats my cruddy dog paddle.

  3. What a cute little fishy you have!

  4. I LOVE the swimsuit! It looks like a great pool facility, too. Way to go, Hannah!

  5. Look at her go! She is fearless in the water!!!

  6. What a little fish!! Great job Hannah!
    I love the picture where she is popping her head over the side of the pool! :o)

  7. I remember my little sister getting those red eyes after swimming. She was a little fish and enjoyed keeping her eyes open under water :)
    Looks like she's doing a great job, and has a great coach too!


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