Sunday, May 06, 2012

Bustin’ A Move!

Hannah and I were out for a walk in a neighbouring town yesterday and I couldn’t help but capture her cuteness in pictures! 
3 is an AWESOME age!
I love her confidence, freedom and spontaneity! 
I love that dandelions are the most beautiful flower and that I am blessed with a new bouquet almost every single day!IMG_5426
I love her freedom to run and be carefree! IMG_5422
I love that a stick offers endless entertainment and can move seamlessly from a walking stick to a baton to a flag pole to a tool for digging.  The ideas are endless!IMG_5425
And I love THIS!  Dance baby, dance!!!
This was one of those times when I could visibly see people smile as they drove by.  I love the freedom Hannah has to be herself, without concerns about what people might think and in turn how that freedom brightens complete strangers lives!


  1. I love 3 too. I love just how kids are happy and can jump and really enjoy the world around them. I think you are right on! Freedom does brighten the world. I wish as adults we good let go and live a little bit freer too.

  2. Yea! I'm catching up and oh am I loving it!! Jenny and I are sitting here watching your videos of sweet Hannah and we're just loving it! Jenny LOVES Hannah's tutu swimsuit and is inspired to start swim lessons! :) Three is pretty darn awesome and yes a huge challenge. Jake was a dream at two and a terror at three and it's looking like the same pattern with our girl as well. I think at three, life becomes so much bigger and everything is finally within reach and it's an invitation to just explore every single thing from the tallest bookshelf to the buttons that make mommy crazy. :o Then all of the sudden four is here and's a whole new ball a good way!!! We're all in this together my sweet friend and you're not I run to get Jenny off the table top!! LOL!!

  3. Oh My Word!!!! Hannah is the cutest thing EVER!! How can anyone not smile while watching her hop, skip, and dance down the sidewalk.

    I wish there was a way to bottle up this freedom and save it for when they are in jr. high and high school.

  4. She definitely has the moves! She is soooo cute!

  5. I love how they don't feel the need to worry about what everyone else thinks! I find myself more at ease of being silly when I'm in public with my nieces. . .something about little ones lets most other people enjoy their carefree attitudes :)


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