Thursday, February 09, 2012

My Little Fish!

Last week Hannah and I went swimming for the first time since last summer and I quickly realized how much Hannah had missed it.  She loves the water!!  Unfortunately I couldn’t take pics at the pool but hopefully these will give you a glimpse of how much she loves the water!  DSC_9658

Stylin’ with bubbles.  Check out the cute art work on the wall behind her.  We’ve had these toys since she was a baby but just recently has she begun to put all the pieces together into real pictures.  She’s totally into puzzles right now and these foamies are like little puzzle pieces for her.  I love seeing her bright, happy pictures on the wall!DSC_9661

When it’s time to wash the soap out of her hair she now likes to do it herself and does a great job!  I’m so thankful she doesn’t mind water in her face.DSC_9663

I think she’s contemplating how to swim in here.DSC_9666

We’ll probably start back into swimming lessons this spring.  The challenge I’m facing is that she’s well beyond the parent ‘n tot class but I’m not sure she’s ready for the first unparented class as she might just jump in while the instructor is working with other kiddos.  Yikes!  She’s following directions better now though so I’m pretty sure if we talk it through over and over that she’d understand not to hop in.  Hmmmm….will have to consider this decision over the next while as I think registration will open soon.


  1. Oh that last photo is just adorable. Love it.
    Come back down to Fla, it's always warm enough to swim, and we can meet up!

  2. Cute!! Xanthe could swim from the time she was a baby. We swam with her in China and she went right under! They say all the famous Chinese swimmers come from Hunan. She was so tiny, she loved to fake out the lifeguards by floating face down and then laughing when they jumped in to rescue her. Hee hee!

  3. Put her in the regular class. I taught a water tot class for ages 3-5 and by your description she is more than ready for it. Normally the ratio is low enough that the instructor is close by and if one jumps in, they will be quickly plucked back up. No worries at all. In fact, I plan to put abby (3 in March) in private lessons either this summer or fall- we have a backyard pool and she's swimming all over by herself with water wings...

  4. She is so cute! I think it is great she loves the water. Mine do too. I have always been afraid so I think it is so good. Way to go Hannah.

    Love the wall art! Those are cool.

  5. My boys both go (or went) to a preschool where the last half hour each day was a swim lesson. My older son started when he was barely 3 and my younger son started when he was almost 2 1/2. After almost 3 years of watching swim lessons with all of these 2-5 year olds I have never seen a life guard have to jump in after a kiddo. I have been really impressed with how well the younger kids sit on the wall with their feet in the water waiting for their turns and the older kids stay in the water. I the beginning I stayed very close to my 2 year old so be sure he was okay but not I move about half way down the pool so he's not so distracted by me because I feel confident that he will stay where he belongs.

    I think the key is being someplace for lessons where you really feel comfortable with the teachers and life guards. The first place we had swim lessons the teachers were teenagers who did't have a clue what to expect from a 2 year old.

    It's so great that Hannah is so into the water. She'll be swimming in no time!

  6. Looks like a good time in the bath tub!

  7. LOVE the last picture!! Gosh! Hannah is just too cute!!

    I really need to check out swimming lessons for Z. He did not like the big pool at all last year. Even if I held him, he just cried to get out. He is fine in the baby pool, though. Maybe swim lesson would help that. Thanks for giving me the idea. ;o)

  8. Ben goes to a little pool near us where the rule of thumb is 3 years old and a bit of experience in something else un-parented-is Hannah's gymnastics un-parented?

  9. Bath tub time is such fun!!!

    Keep smilin!


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