Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Month of Birthday Parties!

It seems Hannah shares her birthday month with many of her little friends!  She was invited to 3 parties over a 4 weeks period and hers is next week!

The celebrations began as Molly was the first friend to officially turn 3. 

Ice paintingIMG_4399

I love this pic.  She’s either dreaming of what it will be like to be 3 or….scoping out how to snag some icing without anyone noticing.IMG_4414

Big breath!IMG_4420

Happy Birthday Molly!IMG_4427

The next party was for Emma, a special friend as she and Hannah shared the first 8 months of their lives together at the DaoXian SWI in Hunan, China.  IMG_4501Emma’s party was at a play place with lots of Disney decor and Hannah was in her glory!  It was great to see 4 of her China sisters there!!IMG_4460

Hannah enjoyed this slide and would make her way to the top and then throw herself down over and over again.

Dora made an appearance at the party and she was a huge hit!

Hannah with DoraIMG_4489

Happy Birthday Emma!IMG_4475

Birthday party #3 was for Hannah’s special friend Noah who is the little friend she spends each day with at daycare.  It is his amazing mom who cares for Hannah each day and they share a great friendship.  Ange and I often tease that they’re like a little married couple as they’re best friends one minute and pestering one another the next!

Noah’s party was a Super Hero theme so we borrowed one of his shirts and added our own personal spin to it.   Here Hannah is adding her ‘H’ to his card.DSC_9819

Owen and Hannah checking out the great cupcakes that Ange made for Noah’s birthday.IMG_4595

Happy 3rd Birthday Noey!!!IMG_4599

The last birthday party was for our special friends Tor Tor and Josh.   (Tor was such a good sport and wore the stickers Hannah put on her.)IMG_4636

There is one more birthday party this week and it’s one we’re super excited about!  Hannah’s th-th-third birthday party!  How can it be that my ‘baby’ is almost 3??!!!

Hannah chose a Mickey Mouse theme for her party again this year and requested that the party with her friends be held at ‘Mickey Mouse’s House’ (aka Walt Disney World).   Since that wasn’t to be we’re going to another location that every parent of a toddler needs to endure experience – Chuck E Cheese’s!  I know it will be a wonderful time of celebration Hannah’s friends!  Unfortunately ‘her Ben’ won’t be able to be there and he’ll be missed but her other sweet friends will be there and I know they’ll have a great time!


  1. So looking forward to sharing this celebration with Hannah.

  2. You have a little party animal there. Can't wait to see the post about her birthday. I also can't believe that she'll be three!

  3. Wait, Miss Hannah CANNOT be three yet. No, no, no!!!! Are you freaking out at all? Because it freaks me out a little (yes, such a calm friend I am, ha ha).


  4. She reminds me so much of Briana! I love a girl that loves to Par-Tay!!! And I love a girl that loves to slide down a slide at warp speed. LOL! Good times!

  5. What??? we could have went to Disney World? lol. I'm sure the kids are going to love Chuck E Cheese :) we are looking forward to her party. I hear you on the non stop partying, seems we have a party almost every weekend.

  6. What a Party Girl you have!
    I'm sure she'll have the best time at her own party!
    Wishing you an early Happy Birthday Hannah, from Ava and Liz

  7. I so love her way of making a super heros shirt Hannah-ish. Have a great party Hannah. Thankfully we have yet to step inside a Chunk E Cheese but I'm sure that experience will come soon.

  8. Happy 3rd Birthday Hannah!!! It does go oh so fast! If not WDW at least you are having the party at one of Mickey's cousin's house-I'm sure long lost cousins or something! Enjoy Hannah's day!!!

  9. I can't believe our girls are turning three!! I can't wait to see your post all about her party...sounds like it's going to be the perfect Hannah party. :)

    I'm loving catching up with you my friend....I seem to only be able to sit down and catch up once every few weeks now and I just love coming here and seeing what you too beautiful girls are up to. Lots of hugs and love to you both.

  10. Can't wait to see and hear about Hannah's birthday. You might be interested in this blog, I forget where exactly in China Hannah is adopted from.

  11. I just have to say - I've never seen such tall candles. Seriously! Very neat!

    Looks like you guys had tons of fun celebrating so many times!

  12. Party girl! Love that there are all so many special celebrations.

    Keep smilin!

  13. That Ice Painting looked pretty cool, I've never heard/seen of it before.
    How fun to celebrate with so many friends, and all in the same month. It may be the shortest month, but you'd never guess with all the partying going on ;)
    What no WDW for her b-day, rats! Hope you all had an awesome time with chuck e cheese

  14. Hannah looks scared of Dora - I would be scared too - she is kinda scary looking.

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