Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I think we might soon earn preferred parking at the doctor’s office! **Updated**

Sadly I spoke too soon.  Sad smile   While Hannah’s fever stayed away last night even when her meds wore off it was back hovering around 37.6oC/99.6oF this morning.  She had a better sleep than the past few nights with only 6 or so wake ups so that was nice for her especially…and Mommy was thankful too.  It was still a lot of wake-ups for my sound sleeper but once again she was woken by the pain in her little head.  We continued meds throughout the night but still the slightest cough brought on a sad whimper and sometimes even full blown tears.  Another day home with Mommy was an easy decision to make. 

Another change that started yesterday afternoon was that she had no interest at all in eating anything.  I tried to suggest anything easy to swallow or cool that I could think of and it went nowhere.  Even the popsicle she had in the tub last night was more fun to melt in the water than to eat.  Thankfully she was still drinking so that was a good thing.  Late this morning she asked for chicken nuggets and French fries so that’s exactly what she got.  She only ate a few fries and one nugget but after eating nothing for 24 hours I was happy to see her consume anything.  IMG_3499This pic is a great one and was taken during one of her ‘peak’ times during the day.  Trust me, looks can be deceiving as 30 mins earlier she was crying in pain.  Medication is our friend!!

Naps have been short and distressed for the past few days so today I decided that whenever she was ready to nap I’d hold her and see if that helped.  She had a wonderfully restful 1 1/2 hour nap which I was SO thankful for and the bonus was that I enjoyed the treat of holding my sleeping little girl which happens rarely these days.  It was a wonderful reminder of what her baby days were like!

Unfortunately when she woke from her nap she was in rough shape again.  Her fever was up and she didn’t know what to do with herself.  It broke my heart to see her sneeze and then literally shake her fists and kick her legs as she cried, ‘owe, owe, owe’ and then uncontrollable tears.  Something more needed to be done as she should not be in that much pain!

During this time I was texting back and forth with my amazing friend Polar Bear and she wondered the same thing I did; that it might be a sinus infection and both of us know from personal experiences how painful these can be.  Others had mentioned this in the comments of my last post too.

I called my doctors office with my concerns and her current status and within 15 mins they called back and told me to bring her right in.  The doctor was between patients when we arrived and he looked at her right then.  Oh how blessed we are to have such an amazing, caring doctor!  The next time I’m waiting an hour for a regular wellness check-up I’ll remember how amazing he was with Hannah during this time and that he can take all the time he needs!

Since it’s now been 5 days of constant fevers (when the meds wear off) and she’s still in so much pain he decided to change her antibiotic and give her one that is for a broader spectrum of problems.  If her sinuses are involved this one should help those out.  Praying that happens!

My lively, energetic little girl is currently a placid and lethargic with moments of energy thrown in throughout the day.  She napped for another half hour later in the afternoon, rested watching Disney Junior and still began asking to go to bed at 5:30.  Her little, ‘I tiiiired Mommy.  Please go bed.’ is such an unusual and distressing thing to hear.

She let me feed her a little supper of mandarin oranges in sauce and a couple of bites of chocolate pudding but that was it.  The fact that my, ‘I do it all myself!’ little girl asked me to feed her is another huge sign that this bug still has a firm hold on her. 

I’m praying that this antibiotic is the right one and that we see a difference even by tomorrow.  I’ve already decided to stay home with her with my employer’s blessing to stay where I’m needed and do all I can to help her feel better.   She’s resting well now and has only woken twice for a good cry and mommy cuddles.  Even that is a huge improvement over the past few nights. 

Thank you for all your kind comments and many prayers.  They are so appreciated!  I had my first big cry today about this situation.  I’ve tried to be strong for Hannah but the feeling of helplessness to take the pain away is awful!  Thank you to all who are praying for us!

Wednesday AM update:

Dare I say it looks like Hannah has turned a corner?  Yay!!!  After a rough night with no less than 10 wakings she’s much more herself this morning.  She’s been playing for the past hour and a half, chatting (sounding a lot like Kermit the Frog) and even smiling!  After 2 1/2 days of laying around and feeling pretty punk, she’s more herself.  Her little nose is running and I’m hoping that if her sinuses have been sore that this draining will help relieve the pressure.  Her fever is still present and she needed Advil (but not Tylenol) when she first woke up and now that that’s kicked in she’s enjoying playing!  SO thankful!


  1. Oh man, it just stinks that sweet Hannah is sick. The girls and I send HUGE get-well hugs and hugs for mama too.

  2. Sending prayers your way. My not-so-little one (7) was brought to her knees with something similar on Halloween. She was down for a week and napped for hours at a time for another week after. In the end, I think she finally started improving when she started really sleeping - hope Hannah can get some of that soon!

  3. As an adult who deals with sinus infections, I know how incredibly painful they are. I told J. that I would rather birth the twins over again that go through another sinus infection - that's how awful they are. Poor sweetie. I know you'd take her pain for her in a heartbeat. I think we all would. Let me know if you need anything today.

  4. Oh dear, I hope Hannah is much better today and the new anibiotics do the trick. Sick kiddos are the worst, it is such a helpless feeling and a guessing game as to what is wrong and when it will run it's course and when to take them to dr. etc. You are doing great and doing all the right things for her. Sounds like she will need a lot of rest and snuggles. Hang in there and update us when you can. Prayers are on th way!


  5. Poor Hannah (and you!). Hope she feels better soon.


  6. Prayers for you both!!! Hope all are feeling well soon.



  7. So scary when out little ones are sick and can't communicate exactly what is wrong. Hope that the she had turned the corner, the fevers stay away and that she's 100% very soon.

  8. It is so hard and so scary. Happy that things are turning and smiles are returning!

    Keep smilin!

  9. It sounds like you're both going through the ringer right now. I know the feeling of those tears you shed for your baby in pain. I spent a long time with my daughter in my arms last night on the rocking chair during our pie making as she dealt with some strong pain.

    I'll pray for little Hannah to feel better and that the new antibiotic will do the job.

    As awful as it is when our little ones aren't well, I, too, cherish the time holding my daughter as she surrenders so completely to my care and love.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you both!

  10. Oh My - I had no idea that Hannah was so sick. I am so sorry...I am glad to see that she seems to be on the mend and I hope this time she gets fully better.


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