Monday, November 28, 2011

Mommy! I’m Hiding!

Hannah’s favourite game right now is ‘hide’ and we play it numerous times each day.  She loves nothing more than to hide right now and have me look for her.  It’s absolutely adorable since she makes so much noise that it’s work not to find her!  Heh!  The more I try to look other places for her the more noise she makes.  So cute!!

I also wanted to say a big ‘Thank you!’ to all who have prayed for Hannah, emailed and called to find out how she’s doing.  I’m thrilled to say that she’s almost 100%.  She has a slight lingering cough but that’s about it.  Numerous times today I found myself thinking about where we were a week ago today and how sick my little love was and thanking God that she is so much better now.  She gave me quite a scare last week and I’m thankful for the health that she has today!  She lost about a pound when she was sick and I can still see that in her little tummy and waist but in time she’ll gain it back.

Thanks again!  Your love, concern and prayers for us is greatly appreciated!


  1. Whew! It's pretty scary when our little ones get sick and there's nothing more that we can do for them. We're really glad Hannah is almost 100% again. Charlotte has been ill this past week; it's pretty scary when she starts coughing and can't catch her breath--you can see the fright in her eyes, which breaks my heart.

    Looking forward to catching up with you and Hannah one day soon.

  2. OMW that girl of yours is so sweet.
    I love how, even with a blanket over her head, she scaled the bed rail, in one second! Great hiding and CLIMBING Miss Hannah.

  3. Hi Catherine,
    I met you this summer in WalMart in Huntsville..we finally got the call and are leaving on January 6 for our second daoughter from Jiangxi....maybe we'll run into each other again next summer!

  4. Hey Catherine,
    We went to the indoor gym and met up with Ange and the kiddies today. Molly and Hannah were playing so well together today with Noey as well, and there was not a single sign of Hannah being so sick last week. It was so nice to see.
    p.s. The Hide game must be an age thing, because it is Molly's fav too! Except if you say "where is she?", she will respond, "I don't know!" lol

  5. I love hide and seek with kids. Freestone used to hide sitting right next to my bed on the floor with his head under the blanket and legs sticking out, shouting, "I'm right here!!" Every time.
    I'm so happy to see Hannah back to her old self. Hey, can I send you a Christmas card? email me your address if you want to...circe at clytieadams dot com

  6. Glad everyone is feeling better. She will gain that wait back pretty quick; at least I would.;)

    Love the hide game. So cute!


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