Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Disney Trip 2011 Day 3: Epcot, Day 1, Part 1

(Monday, August 29, 2011) We woke Monday morning and it was nice to take our time in the morning knowing that our breakfast reservation wasn’t until 10:40am.  We still arrived at Epcot early and took our traditional start of day group pics.  Unfortunately all the group ones I have are on our Disney Photopass and since I haven’t ordered the CD yet I cannot post the pics.   Just imagine the 4 of us with the Epcot ball behind us and yup, you’ve got the right idea!

Unfortunately this mornings map pic was taken with a less than cooperative co-pilot.  You’ll see in many of this trip’s pics that Hannah is at a stage where sometimes she’s a ham for the camera and calls to me to, ‘Take my picture Mommy!’ and other times she’s like, ‘Yah, I don’t feel like looking and you can’t make me.’  Oh well, it makes for cute pics that we will laugh at later!IMG_1633

I’ll say now that Epcot is always one of those parks that surprises me.  When I think of what it offers and going there with a toddler and tween, I wonder what we’ll do to amuse ourselves.  Before we know it 2 days of fun are behind us and there is still much that we didn’t do.  How does that happen time and time again?  Does anybody else find this?

After taking the customary pics at the front of the park we secured Fastpasses for Soarin’ (the favourite Epcot ride of Nana and I) and then rode ‘The Land.’  The Land is one of those rides we do each trip and yah, we probably don’t need to but since we had to wait for our reservation and it’s tradition, I coaxed dragged Rebecca on to it.  

By now it was time to make our way into the World Showcase and to the Norway pavilion,  destination:  Askershus Royal Banquet Hall for breakfast with the princesses!  Princess Hannah had checked herself in her royal mirror in the morning IMG_1632

but by the time we reached the restaurant the princess’ crown had slipped a little and she was showing her toddler side with flair!IMG_1636


After some crawling and rolling HRH was ready to wait for her name to be summoned along with that of her royal party. IMG_1639 - Copy

While waiting she also browsed her autograph album with Bec Bec. IMG_1640

Upon entering the Royal Hall Hannah was immediately star struck!  Throughout the entire breakfast she looked up at the princesses like she could hardly believe they were truly there!

Belle in her formal ball gown!IMG_1646

Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)IMG_1653

Snow White who made Hannah’s day by asking her if she could kiss her forehead.  After that there was no washing for my little girl.  After a few hours it smudged off and I gently removed it when she wasn’t paying attention.IMG_1656



Cinderella IMG_1660


and finally Rebecca’s favourite, Ariel!IMG_1665

Throughout the visits with the princesses we were served an absolutely delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, sausage, hash brown casserole as well as fresh fruit and yogurt.  Askershus’ breakfast is my favourite breakfast at Disney!

While the princesses are visiting the tables, an announcement is made that it is time for the Royal Parade.  Look how adorable my sweet baby girl is walking holding Cinderella’s hand!  Part way through she runs back to the table to make sure we’re still there but then contentedly continues with the parade and is beside our table when the parade is finished.  Oh man did she enjoy this!  I still tear up watching this even though I’ve seen it over and over.  For so long I dreamed of Hannah and bringing her to Disney and here she is, holding Cinderella’s hand and happily parading through the restaurant!  Yes, dreams really do come true!!! 

After leaving breakfast the day was still young and we we off to enjoy the remainder of our day at Epcot! IMG_1667 - Copy

Since there is still much to share I’m going to split this post into 2.   Coming next:  Epcot, Day 1, Part 2


  1. Catherine, I've so been enjoying your Disney posts. They are bringing back a lot of wonderful memories. Such a wonderful place :-)

  2. AWW so much fun and so many happy memories! Reminds me of when we took Savannah last. It was in August and she was going to be 2 that October....after many, many, many trips to Disneyland, I can not wait until next June when we are back at WDW with a six year old!Can't wait for the next post!

  3. Your posts make my heart smile! I almost feel as if I were in WDW too!

  4. Seriously AWESOME! Love the kiss on her head.

    What a great day.

  5. I am so happy that that dream of yours came true. SO sweet!

    Keep smilin!

  6. I have enjoyed your post and pictures from WDW. Hannah is a cute little Princess in that dress. How precious.

    Was your Mom able to rent the scooter there and if so was it hard to do? Did she have to reserve them?


  7. I love your Disney posts! Hannah is so perfectly two, and such a beautiful, wonderful girl. It's fun to see motherhood through your eyes. I just got your comments on my blog. You're so sweet! I wish you lived closer too!

  8. Hi Sheila,
    It's funny that you ask that. There is actually a huge 'ad' on the basket of the scooter but I keep blacking it out before posting as it jumps out of the pictures. :o)

    We rented from Buena Vista Scooters and they were a great company to deal with. The scooter was waiting at our resort when we arrived and we just took it back to luggage services before we left. We had access to it 24-7 which worked for us. Scooters rented in the park are not useable at your resort or other locations. Sharon used it during the day and at night I used it to bip back to the food court for late night pop refills after putting Hannah to sleep. If you need to rent a scooter for your vacation I highly recommend Buena Vista Scooters.

  9. I am loving reading all your posts about Disney! Like Sandra, it is bringing back so many wonderful memories. You are making me want to go back!

    I love seeing your beautiful princess enjoying every minute!!


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