Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Disney Trip 2011 Day 1: Travel

(Saturday, August 27, 2011)  Our vacation fun began as soon as I finished work on Friday, Aug 26th.  A quick trip to pick up Hannah at daycare and we were off to supper with Mom, Dad and Bec Bec.  We were excited to have Bec Bec staying with us Friday night and our conversations were filled with stories that we remembered from our previous Disney trips.

Saturday we excitedly woke early, ready for the adventures that were before us.  We picked Nana up at 6am and began the 2 1/2 hour drive across the border and to the airport.  Thankfully traffic was great and there as no wait at the border (phew!!) and we even had time to fit in a quick trip to Target before heading to the airport.   A trip to Target is always a good thing!

Our first flight left late in the morning and we made our way to Atlanta, very, very thankful not to be affected by hurricane Irene.  We had a 3 hour layover in GA where we had hoped to meet up with some bloggy friends but unfortunately that didn’t work out this trip.  Hopefully another time.  We enjoyed lunch and then decided to wear out my energizer bunny a bit by walking around the airport and taking a ride on the underground train that moves between terminals.IMG_1569

Our final flight left shortly after 5:00 and we were less than an hour away from Orlando.  Yay!!!  3 excited girls!IMG_1571

When we arrived at the Orlando airport it was a treat to not even have to think about our luggage and instead made our way to Disney’s Magical Express and we were quickly on our way to Pop Century, our resort of choice.  We were located in the 50’s wing in the Tramp building which is Bec Bec’s favourite so that worked out perfectly!IMG_1736

Check-in went smoothly and as we donned our pirate hats we were off to our room and our luggage arrived within minutes of us.  What a treat not to have to fuss with luggage!

IMG_1577   IMG_1578

It had been a long day and after quickly unpacking and preparing Hannah’s diaper bag for our trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios the following day we were off to bed.  I slept fairly well but was so excited that I was awake my 6am Sunday, ready for our first day in a park!


  1. I am loving this and so is Jenny....she watched Hannah's first time with Mickey at least 5 times yesterday! We can't wait for Disney with our girl!!

  2. OOOOOOOhhhhh, that is the part we stayed at during our first Chinese reunion. Then we stayed at the 80s part next time. Luv that place. Can't wait to see the whole trip.

  3. Love your mom's hair! Very attractive.

  4. Oh soooo jealous!! I so badly want to go to Disney before Mhyia gets here but I also can't wait to take her once she is here!!!

  5. I have been looking forward to hearing how your trip went. I am headed down in January with my mom and we are staying at Port Orleans Riverside. Stayed at POP last time we were there and loved it as well!

  6. I was just at Disney in August! boy it was hot! But, oh so much fun!


  7. Sounds like smooth sailing!

    Keep smilin!


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