Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Friend!!

Today was another day of celebration as we celebrated M3's birthday!!! Happy birthday sweetie! Way back in September we were chatting on the phone and she jokingly asked when I was coming back? How about for her birthday? We laughed about it as her birthday was still 5 months away and yet at the same time I found my fingers typing in one of my favourite get-away addresses, http://www.cheaptickets.com/. As we talked I asked how serious she was about a birthday visit as the price that came up for the flight was hard to pass up...only $225.00!! She said she was serious so right then and there I booked it hoping I could get the time off work. Well, as you can see my boss said yes and the rest as they say is history!

Fast forward to today when the girls woke M3 up with Birthday snuggles and a wonderful, slightly off key rendition of 'Happy Bertday'! Too cute!!

As we were getting ready to take the girls to preschool we decided to celebrate in girly style and treat ourselves to pedicures! Ahhhh....what fun that was! M3's toes are sporting the very fancy polka dots while mine have hearts on them in honour of Valentine's Day this coming Saturday.

In the evening M3 and TubaDad went out for dinner while the girls and I held down the fort at home. They were amazing and we had such fun! Wela had brought over cupcakes earlier in the day so we set to decorating them. I had brought Smarties with me from Canada so we used those to decorate the yummy cupcakes. I had to laugh when one of the girls started going through her bowl and exclaimed, 'Hey, Where da M's go?' Smarties are a Canadian thing so the girls were sure they were M&M's but somehow the M's were all missing. The girls did a great job decorating and we enjoyed their treats after they went to bed.

I decided to tackle bath time but there are no pics. The girls were great and listen so well but it was still a small workout caring for two slippery little girls, getting them washed and their hair done too. I tell you...you couldn't ask for better behaved little ones! They laugh, have fun, get loud...and then louder, but also know how to listen well when asked to do something. Very, very well behaved and oh my, the things they say! We laugh constantly! M3 and TubaDad were home in time for bedtime snuggles and cuddles which made for the perfect ending of a great day!

Happy birthday friend!! So happy I was able to share this special day with you!! Love ya!


  1. Smarties are a Canadian thing? I didn't know that!

    Glad you are enjoying!!

  2. What a great way to celebrate!

    Thank you for spreading the word about Smarties!!!

    Keep smilin!

  3. Sounds like you are thoroughly enjoying yourself. I hope the Smartie cupcakes were yummy!


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