Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Flipping and Jumping and Swinging...Oh My!

Wow! What a difference 7 months can make!! Last July I accompanied M3 when she took the girls to their very first gymnastics lesson. Two timid little girls walked into the gym and stuck very close to our sides as they took in their new surroundings. I still remember the coaches remarking on their flexibility as they were asked to reach down to their toes and they easily flopped their bellies onto their legs and reached their toes! Yah, mamma and Cafrin, not so much!

Fast forward to today when the girls took me back to their gymnastics class after attending for 7 months. They had learned so much and were excited to try new things too. Today Coach J let them walk on the big balance beam for the first time ever and they grinned from ear to ear and both walked from end to end with great confidence.



Afterwards it was 'free gym' and the girls were able to climb up the apple tree! I was surprised how quickly they each scaled it and how high they went!



Upside down spider

Trampoline time is also one of their faves as this video shows!


  1. Wow - what a hoot. Look at them go on that apple tree! That's amazing.

    Glad you're enjoying your time there.


  2. What a difference! When I went with M3 thought about not returning with them... They are doing great!

  3. They are so adorable....and WOW, what a difference 7 months makes!!

    Hope you are enjoying your trip!!


  4. Oh Cafrin,
    Thanks for the post and great pics. You're the best.


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