Wednesday, October 04, 2006

September's Secret Pal Gift

I'm a little late in posting this as it's October already. (How did that happen?)

September's theme was Reading Fun and once again my Secret Pal went out of her way to find creative, thoughtful gifts for Hannah.

When I opened the envelope out poured 5 beautifully wrapped packages in adorable pink paper with pandas on it and wrapped with red ribbons. Too cool! After reading her beautiful handmade card I set to work on the packages. It was just like Christmas morning! I'd opened the mail when I arrived home from work but waited until I finished teaching piano to open each gift so that I could take the time to sit and read each and every story before opening the next one.

Each month my SP takes special care to create something using our March DTC logo and this month was no exception. She made a beautiful bookmark with a red ribbon that read, 'From your parent you learn love and laughter and how to put one foot before the other. But when books are opened you discover that you have wings.' Helen Hayes. What a beautiful thought. There was also a cute ladybug paperclip bookmark that Mommy is going to use in her books!

The first book is called 'Hannah and the Dusty Stars.' I couldn't believe that my SP had taken the time to find a book with Hannah's name in the title! Too cool!!! This adorable little book talks of Hannah and her friends gently dusting all the stars in the sky. Hey, maybe someday mommy will be able to convince her that dusting furniture is just as much fun as dusting stars! ;o)

The second book is one I have loved from the very beginning of this adoption. It's called, 'I Love You Like Crazy Cakes' and is about a single mom flying to China to adopt her daughter. Ya gotta know this was a 3 tissue book for me!

Book number 3 was Hannah's first Baby Einstein book called, 'Mama and Me.' It's a beautiful board book of mommies and babies. Too cute!

Book number 4 is a beautiful touch and feel book called, 'All God's Creatures.' It has bright pictures with places on each picture for Hannah to touch. I'm such a touchy person so love this book!

The last book is called, 'I Love You, Mommy' by Jillian Harker and Kristina Stephenson. It's a fun book about a mommy bear and her adventurous little cub. He likes to try everything on his own first then decides maybe Mommy's are good for help. I teared up when I opened it to the first page and saw that my SP had personalized the front cover and written, 'This book belongs to Hannah.'

THANK YOU again secret pal for your wonderful, thoughtful gifts!


  1. You scored! Those are some precious books. You have a great secret pal. Bet you can't wait to be cuddling up and reading those stories to Hannah!


  2. Really nice gifts! Too cute to have her name in the title!

  3. What a thoughtful package...I bet your SP had almost as much fun picking them out as you did opening them!

  4. awesome gifts..i LOVE that book "love you like crazy cakes" and baby einstein is one of my personal favorites..lil hannah is already spoiled

  5. What a great SP you have. I love that she chose a book with Hannah's name too. Big time points, SP!


  6. Awesome gifts!!! SP exchange is so much fun!!!

  7. You have an amazing secret pal! Details mean so much!


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