Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ribbon Fun

I found these fun ribbon toys for the girls at the dollar store in the spring and had completely forgotten about them. When the girls were looking through the toy area they found them. What fun they had! We played with them outside until it was almost too dark to see and then moved the fun indoors to the basement. Sunday morning, once they were ready for church, they went back to their ribbon routines 'practicing for the Olympics!'

Love the music they added! I love to watch kids play and be so creative!


  1. i had one of those when i was a kidlet...they are the like i will probably be getting Chloe great memories

  2. Look at the moves the girls have (love the music)!! I remember those from wwway back!!

  3. I love that! Reminds me of my sister and I when we were kids! It's JUST the kind of thing we would do. We also did "synchronized swimming" routines when we went swimming. Kind of embarrassing now that I think of it.....


  4. Aren't those the coolest things!!

    Our church has some that they give to the little ones to wave during the worship singing! It's soooo beautiful to see them waving around while we are singing to God!!


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