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Disney Jan 2018 ~ Epcot Day 2, Part 2

The Epcot International Festival of the Arts was happening during our visit and oh did we enjoy it!  Rather than have lunch we snacked our way around the World Showcase while participating in many of the hands on activities that were offered.
There were many chalk drawings done by professionals
as well as the opportunity for children to create their own masterpieces.  Hannah was recreated her Pluto Tsum Tsum.  You can see her reference piece in the second pic.  I think she did great!!
As we entered the World Showcase Hannah spotted the first treat she wanted to try.   (We had been watching videos ~ Disney Parks ~ online before our trip so had some ideas of what we wanted to try.)  I will say this was something she basically played with rather than ate but that’s okay with me.  Another bonus to having the dining plan is that I’m not thinking, ‘Agh!  I just paid $$ and she’s not eating it.’  Instead I look at it as something she’s enjoying and that’s all that matters.

One of the other activities we both really enjoyed was the opportunity to participate in a large paint by number mural.  It takes about 2 days and hundreds of guests to fully paint the mural and then a new one would take it’s place.  Each person chose a paint number that was in a little clear cup, took a sponge brush and then could paint 5 squares what matched the number of their paint.   We love these neat extras that are found at Disney.  Each trip it’s something new!

The finished product.  This is what our mural would look like once it was finished.
Figment mural 2018
As we ventured around the world we picked up a map of famous paintings and went on a scavenger hunt  There was one hidden in each country and figment was featured in each of these famous paintings.  We spent hours enjoying this activity as we toured the countries and I can’t believe I didn’t take a single picture of Hannah!  Guess we were both having too much fun searching for them!  It was great way to spend time in Epcot and in the end Hannah earned a special new pin for her Disney collection.  Here are examples of a couple of the pictures:
Figment 1
Figment 2
I will say when we go to Disney we go hard, averaging between 22,000 and 25,000 steps a day.  We both enjoy our Disney time and most mornings we were up bright and early.  That being the case, it’s no surprise that Hannah took the opportunity of a quiet, scenic movie in France to catch a little cat nap.  This was her first trip that we didn’t use a stroller and she totally rocked it!  Our stroller days are officially behind us as the last time we used one was when she was 7.  So when you’re walking miles and miles each day a good ‘ole nap is called for here and there.
And there’s no better way to wake up than with a little French patisserie.
LOL – while we were in line for the pastry Hannah and I both got an awful case of the giggles as we listened to a sweet lady in the line near us.  Even though I don’t speak much French, Hannah is fully bilingual as she is in French Immersion at school.  As we were in line this lady decided to read out the names of some of the pastries to her friend.  If you can hear a strong southern accent reading out French pastries you’ll understand our giggles!  ‘Creaaam Brulaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay’, ‘Cherries Jubilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!’  Yup – it was tough to stifle the giggles!
One of the snacks that was new on my list was shaved ice with fruit and  cream topping in Japan.  We had something similar in Utah a number of years ago and it’s one of those snacks I’ve thought of ever since.  I’m a cold snack kinda gal.  Add a sugary topping + cream and I’m in my glory!  Hannah posed with our cherry shaved ice treat!  It was delicious and didn’t even spoil our dinner!  We’ll get this again for sure!
Speaking of dinner, today’s reservation was at Teppan Edo in the Japan Pavilion.  At this hibachi style restaurant you sit in groups of 8 around a grill.  We met the sweetest couple from California who were leaving the following day on a Disney Cruise.  (I may or may not have asked if they could squeeze us into their suitcases!!)  It was nice to visit with them while experiencing this show and meal all at once.
Want to hear a quick funny story?  This couple and I got talking about our week and what we had done. (And no, I can’t remember their names which is oh so normal for me.  I am awful with names!!)  We realized we’d both been in Animal Kingdom on Wednesday and lined up with the birds to ride Flight of Passage.  I asked where they’d been in the line for the hour that we were waiting on the bridge and they shared they were only about 6 rows from the front of the pack.  I pulled out my camera and sure enough his head was in my picture!  Small world!!  (Oh wait, that’s another park…. Open-mouthed smile)IMG_0873b
Back to Friday night and our delicious dinner at Teppan Edo.  Our hibachi chef.

Once again Hannah was serenaded with a version of Happy Birthday and they gave her a chef’s hat too.
We finished up our Figment painting hunt as we made our way back to Future World.  I realized we could probably get to Soarin’ before closing so we quickly made our way there and arrived just in time!  (At Disney, as long as you are in line before park closing, you will be able to ride the ride.)  We got in line seconds before 9:00 so we were on the very last ride of the evening.  It was a neat experience to enjoy this ride with only a handful of people!
Sadly the next day was going to be the last day of our trip but we were going to live it to it’s fullest!  Hannah is very much about tradition so we were going back to Magic Kingdom.  Our tradition is to start and finish each trip in the MK so even though it was supposed to be crowded we were going and going to make the most of it! Smile

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  1. You always have so much fun! Love reading about all that you do. We still have not been there with AA. We may have to hire you are expert travel guides!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy


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