Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Mother’s Day Filled with Love

Mother’s Day has always been a special day!  A day to tell my mom how much she means and how much I love her.  I’ve also been blessed to have a dear friend in Sharon who is a mother-in-love.  I’ll admit that there were years when it was a difficult day as I longed to be a mom and the years of waiting for Hannah but now I know that each of those years helped to turn me into the mom that I am now.

Saturday evening as I was praying over Hannah, tears of joy flowed down my face as I still cannot thank God enough for my sweet, precious, loving, amazing girl!  He planned our family before the beginning of time and I am so thankful He created our family just the way He did!  Hannah completes me and with every breath I am thankful for her!IMG_2825

After church we enjoyed a wonderful family celebration at Nana and Papa’s.IMG_0800


Grandma Dale and her girlsIMG_0811

In the evening we joined my parents and went out to a local restaurant for our traditional Mother’s Day dinner.IMG_0813

The weather was a little cool but beautifully sunny for family pictures.IMG_2862




There were pics with Grandpa and Papa too.  IMG_0835

When I went downstairs on Sunday morning Hannah had written me a sweet little note.  I love that she remembered all on her own that it was Mother’s Day!  Her adorable note read, ‘I love you!  Happy Mommy Day.  Love, Hannah  xoxoxo’  My day was already complete!! 

As the day went on I was blessed to receive 2 other cards from Hannah (Thanks Grandma and Nana).  When we got home in the evening she had hidden her gifts throughout the house and we played a game of hotter/colder to find them as well as hearts she had cut out of paper.  She had made me (plus Grandma, Nana and Grandma Dale) these beautiful bouquets of tissue paper flowers!  Oh how I enjoy her creativity.  IMG_0837

The cute little plant was from school.  It was adorable as she’d brought it home Thursday night and I wasn’t supposed to know about it.  That would have been possible…except she moved it around the house every few hours seeking out sun.  I’d go to open the front door and find the plant and a little squirt bottle of water beside it tucked in between the doors.  A few hours later I’d walk into her room and the plant would be in the middle of the carpet with the squirt bottle beside it once again basking in a ray of sunshine.  Smile  It was nice to officially find it Sunday evening.

I giggled Monday afternoon when I opened her backpack to empty it and found the blue card in it.  I’d seen it there Thursday and Friday nights but left it in it’s hiding place…and we’d both promptly forgotten about it.  Monday afternoon I called her over when I found it again and we laughed as she gave it to me.

I love this sweet card for so many reasons!  It is the first card she has made me written in French.  She speaks French at home all the time (and translates for this English speaking Mommy Smile)  but notes to me have been written in English.  The other thing I love is that it’s still in such a Grade 1 style!  It says ‘I love you Mommy’ and is supposed to read, ‘Je t’aime Maman’ but she ran out of room when writing t’aime so finished the end of the word at the beginning of the line.  IMG_0838

Mother’s Day was perfect from start to finish!  Thank you Lord for blessing me with this most amazing daughter!  She is my world!!


  1. I love how much you girls love each other. Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  2. Ah, so sweet! I love that cute card. Hannah is a sweetie!


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