Thursday, November 05, 2015

6th Annual China Travel Group Reunion

Sunday afternoon Hannah and I, Mom and Dad had the privilege of getting together with the wonderful people we traveled to China with in 2009.  Our group gets together only once a year so it’s a special day when we do.  It’s always so neat to see how the girls have grown and to touch base with those who we share such memories with! 

L to R: Meigan, Jiana, Tessa, Hannah, Kristie and Emma.DSC_1829

And a walk through reunions past….





2010 2010

So thankful to have share friendships with these special people!


  1. oh how sweet. You have white couch photos instead of red. The family that has that couch can never get rid of it now.

  2. so nice to keep that connection with the other families! I recognize some of those dresses on Hannah! Grace has enjoyed them too, thank you!

  3. 2011 is the best! She looks like she's ready to make a run for it, "Um, Mom, this is as far away from me as you can get or else I'm outta here." Ha! So neat to see them all grow!

  4. Wow! These pics are awesome! They have all grown up into beautiful little gals. And I agree with Maggie, the family needs to keep that couch for all future reunions. Such great memories for Hannah to cherish when she is older. TR


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