Sunday, January 12, 2014

Learn to Skate ~ Night 1

I’ll admit it.  I am not a skater.  I don’t enjoy it.  My feet cramp up in skates and it’s one of the rare things I just don’t want to try again if I can possibly help it.

So, when Hannah showed an interest in learning to skate  I knew I needed to start her in a class where Mommy could cheer her on from the side of the rink.  The unparented learn to skate class is for kiddos 5 and over but since she was going to be 5, 5 days before the last class I decided to see if I could register her.  I was excited when I could!

Next step, get my girl her skating gear.  We began at a second hand skate shop but the only skates they had were black hockey skates and the look on my sweeties face was so sad!  She would have worn them if they were her only option but since they didn’t have any in her size we moved on.  She was happy to see the exit door of that place!

We stopped at Walmart next to see what they might have and it was SO cool!  Check out these shelves.  One pair of little girl skates and they’re adjustable so fit Hannah perfectly!

photo 2photo 1

Yes, those are pink and purple princess skates!  They practically jumped from her feet into our cart!  Oh yes, she was one happy girl!

Next up was helmet shopping.  We found it difficult to find one that fit her head properly and when we finally did it didn’t have a face mask.  With 55 kiddos on the ice and all ‘learning to skate’ that’s too many blades for this Mommy to put her on without a mask to protect her.  I was going to buy one but then Ange and Gavin found one they had and Gavin put it on her helmet.  Thanks so much!!

Tuesday night was the big night!  It was a frigid night with wind chills hovering around –35oC/-31oF(Surprised smile) so it was one of the rare nights when we were going to the arena to get warm!  Winking smile


Hannah’s friend Noah is in the same class.  Here are our 2 kiddos all set for their first big night!IMG_1929

The coaches came off the ice and taught the kids how to get up when they fell.  LOL…that was a lesson my sweetie would use often!!  She was excited and informed me that she wanted to get on the ice so that she could skate a ‘figure 8.’  You go girl!!

Instead, this was more how her lessons (and many other kids too) started out.


I was thrilled with her perseverance though as she got up time and time again and by the end of the class I really could see an improvement!

Way to go Hannah!  You did so well at your first lesson and I’m sure you will improve each and every week!IMG_1939


  1. She did great!! I can't believe the improvement in just 1 lesson! She'll be zooming around the rink in no time! How perfect are her skates?! Love them! Keep up the good work Hannah!

  2. Haha, first of all, this is super cute. She's doing great! Second of all, I'm laughing at myself because I had NO idea you were talking about ICE skirting till the video. Lol, you can tell I live in the south. My daughter is 9 and she's never even seen an ice rink. I just assumed you meant roller skating.

  3. Great Job Hannah! looking forward to seeing how well you do tonight :)

  4. Very impressive. I am like you ad enjoy being a figure skater SPECTATOR.

    Looking forward to more videos.

  5. Amazing how quickly she learned to use her arms and posture to stay upright!

    1. Yes! She has very good coaches. Before they even stepped (or fell) onto the ice they were taught how to get up and how to keep their balance. Looking forward to tonight's class!

  6. My daughters are both figure skaters. The eldest was 5 when she started. It's been the best experience for both of them. I hope Hannah enjoys skating as much as my girls have.


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