Sunday, December 23, 2012

Oh Snow Cute!

Last week Hannah and I went to Auntie Deb and Uncle Scott’s for our annual Christmas dinner.  This year we were excited when Uncle Scott could spend the entire evening with us!  Hannah wore an adorable little outfit purchased when we were in FL last month.  I realized when we got home that I had purchased 4 different dresses/outfits at 3 different stores that were all by the same designer, Rare Editions.  The top of this fun little snowman outfit was a bit long but she still looked adorable.  Hannah wears a size 5 pants for the length but size 4 fits her in tops.  DSC_0822


Hannah can stand still for only so long before she has to jump and leap and shout!DSC_0834

I think this outfit captures Hannah’s outgoing personality perfectly!  I sure hope it still fits her next year!



  1. What a darling little girl! Merry Christmas to both of you.

  2. Happy Holidays! I also love Rare Editions and have a lot waiting for my Apple. Jie Jie wore some of their summer line when she first came home because I had size 3 and they fit her even though she was 7. Hard to believe how fast they grow. I'm still in awe of the baby pictures your posted of your first days with your daughter in China. I'm so glad you got so much baby time together.

  3. It's a great outfit and it looks as though the shoulders might fit next year. You can always add a ruffle to the pants if you need to. Merry Christmas!

  4. She's adorable! Love her outfit. :)


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