Saturday, September 22, 2012

Meeting Cousin Kallen

My brother Dave and his wife Trish were parents to 5 great kiddosDave, Trish and Family  Aug16, 2012 and this week their family grew by one teeny, tiny, precious little boy!  Trish was scheduled for a c-section on Friday morning but Kallen had other ideas and she went into labour with him Wednesday and he was born that afternoon at 2:55pm weighing just 5.4 lbs.  What a precious little pumpkin!


I popped up for a first visit at lunch on Thursday and then Hannah was introduced to her new little cousin Friday.  He was having his first bath when we arrived and was none too impressed about that.  This picture is blurry but I thought it captured her sweet 3yo self perfectly!IMG_7980

Once he was a little more content she gazed at him with wonder.   I love this picture!IMG_7979

I was excited to be invited to hold him Friday.  With him being so small I was quite prepared to need to wait a while before holding him but when Trish offered I enjoyed our first snuggle!IMG_7981b

Congratulations Dave, Trish and family!  Your new little son is absolutely adorable and we’re so happy he’s here!!


  1. Congratulations on the newest additon ot the extended family - Auntie C and Cousin H!!!

  2. Oh he is so beautiful and very, ever so, teeny tiny. I love Hannah's face as she is looking at him.
    Congratulations to your family

  3. Dear Catherine,
    You are such a gem. Hannah looking at her cousin is just precious. You holding the baby is precious too. And of course, the new nephew is precious. Loads of preciousness floating around!!
    Thanks for affirming what I'd heard about Disney being so great with special diets. I've really had a time of it this year, good to know that Disney takes this issue seriously.
    Great post! Jen


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