Monday, January 16, 2012

And A Child Shall Lead Them

Hannah and GG (short for Great-Grandpa) have shared a special relationship from the very first day they met!  This first picture was taken November 15, 2009, the day after we came home from China!  I love the look on both of their faces and the way they’re smiling into one another eyes!Imported Photos 00043

As time has gone by their relationship has grown!  Each Sunday at church Hannah can’t wait to see GG and when she does she runs to him and wraps herself around his leg.  He has to stable himself of she just might knock him over!

After church we head to Nana and Papa’s for lunch along with Grandma Dale and GG.  Hannah has a new job and she takes it very seriously!  She is responsible for walking GG to his seat at the table and making sure he gets there safely.  I love to see the two of them together!DSC00198

When we’re all seated at the table if Hannah is asked who will be saying grace she always says with a big smile, ‘GG!’ and oh how precious his prayers of thanksgiving are! 

I am thankful for the beautiful relationship Hannah shares with GG!


  1. Hannah has so many wonderful people in her life. I am so glad she is loved so dearly by so many.

  2. That second picture is absolutely beautiful! It deserves to be framed some where. Hannah and GG are both so lucky to had such a great relationship :)

  3. Hannah is a very lucky girl to have great grandparents. I wish my grandparents were still alive to have met Charlotte--I know they would have adored her. I love to capture moments like you have, showing the special bonds between people in our children's lives. I love the first picture of the first moments between GG and Hannah--you can tell that Hannah has a very special spot in GG's heart. I love to see the love shared between father/grandfather/GG and girls--there's nothing quite like it.

  4. What a special bond! Hannah is such a joy for so many, it's so AWESOME!!!!

  5. Grandparents and their grandchildren have such a special relationship.

    Keep smilin!

  6. Such a wonderful relationship and one she will never forget. Jenny and her Grandma-Grandma (my grandma) were very close and she was the first person to hold Jenny before we let anyone else even touch her when we got home.'s been almost a year since my cherished grandma passed away and Jenny asks for her constantly and is always wondering how she is or where she is. She just started saying, "I miss my grandmagrandma but she's with Jesus mommy and that makes me happy."


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