Saturday, July 23, 2011

First Movie! Winnie the Pooh!

Monday afternoon as I was sitting at work I was trying to think of something special Hannah and I could do together.  I remembered Kayce sharing about her wanting to take Cricket to see the new Disney Winnie the Pooh movie when it came out and I quickly realized that’s what we would do for our evening of fun!  A quick scan of the Internet showed we could make a supper time show if we went directly from daycare to the movie.  I called Ange to invite she and the boys to come along but they had to take a rain check this time.

I picked Hannah up and told her we were going to see a movie but that didn’t mean much to her.  She pointed to her little DVD player in the car and said, ‘OK Mommy.  Turn on movie!’  Heh…gotta love 2!

We went into the theatre and she was excited to see the lights and posters but still didn’t really understand what was going on.IMG_1108

We bought popcorn because Mommy had to teach her all about movie popcorn.  It was her first and to say it was a hit would be an understatement!

As we entered the theatre I could see a little niggling of fear in her eyes.  It was darker with tiers of seats and very few people there.  She turned to me and quickly said, ‘Uppie!’ which I happily did all the time reassuring her that this was going to be fun!  We found our seats and she was happy to hop up on Mommy’s lap and enjoy the movie from there. 

Soon the lights dimmed and the previews began.  Man, I forgot how loud movies are!  We adjusted to the volume and thankfully the previews were a wise choice for a ‘G’ rated movie and after a quick little filler movie that she giggled through it was time for the movie to begin.

Mickey filled the screen first which made her day as she called out ‘Mickey!!’  She’s a Mickey gal through and through!

The movie began and we settled in with our popcorn, sippy of apple juice and Hannah safe on Mommy’s lap.  The movie was cute with lots of music that she enjoyed dancing to and we both enjoyed it.  I can’t remember much about the movie but I can tell you how much I enjoyed watching her wide-eyed, taking in all that she could and happily bouncing to the playful tunes.  She occasionally tried the seat next to mine but was happiest on Mommy’s lap.IMG_1104

There were a couple of parts that I thought might scare her a bit (a fairly new emotion that she’s only been experiencing for a few months now) but she did great and when I saw little bits of apprehension in her eyes, a quick reassuring whisper from Mommy or a ‘Oooo, that Tigger sure looks funny!’ comment and all was right once again.

She sat fairly well throughout the movie (it’s a brief 1 hour, 10 mins) but when she did grow a little restless I was happy to let her wander our row a few seats either way as only one other family was behind us and they were about 5 rows up.  The other fun part about her being able to wander a bit was that I was able to enjoy watching the freedom she had to dance, wiggle and sway to the music.  A treat for Mom who loves nothing more than to catch a glimpse of her sweet daughter when she doesn’t know I’m watching.  Such freedom to be herself and I love it!!!

After the movie ended she quickly turned to me and shouted, ‘Again!’ which is her way of letting me know something was a huge hit and she wants to do it again…and again…..and again! Smile


There were some cute little window clings that we found on the way out of the theatre.  Hannah enjoyed having her picture taken here too and even gave Pooh a kiss goodbye but unfortunately I missed that.IMG_1110

So, our first movie experience was a great success and we’ll go to a movie again when something appropriate comes out.  Hannah kept asking for Mickey so Disney if you’re listening, we’d like a new Mickey Movie for the big screen, okay? Smile

Here’s a little video I took of Hannah asking about the movie.  It’s cute to hear her thoughts.

Our first movie was a big success!


  1. I have a 20 year old and 27 year old daughter both planning to see this. The older one is a lifelong Pooh fan-she can talk just like him! They're very excited to see the "old" Pooh back.

    Glad it was such a hit for Hannah. That moment of fear is understandable, but it still catches you by surprise, doesn't it?


  2. Glad to hear that the movie was a great success! Hannah is as cute as ever in those shots.

  3. What a perfect first movie! I remember Bri's first movie - chosen by daddy. Monsters and Aliens. BAD choice - LOL! Bri was so scared we left. The movies that followed were much better.

    Bri, my mom and I are going to see Winnie the Pooh on Monday! So excited!

    Hannah is so stinkin' adorable.

  4. Way too cute for words! Glad you guys enjoyed it!

  5. Woohoo -- so glad the movie was a success!

  6. She's such a cutie! Glad she had fun!

  7. So cute. Probably a good first movie to take her to - I heard it was quite short!

  8. i am just overwhelmed by how grown up she is... seems like yesterday she was just a little baby! she is so beautiful Catherine. it has been too long since i visited your site. so glad the movie was a hit!

  9. So glad it was a wonderful experience for her! Ford took AA to it last week too, I think that was AA's third movie at a theater. I cannot believe how grown up she is - she looks so big! Our babies are turning into so cute little kids!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  10. I'm so glad you girls went! Our experience was great too and like you I was worried about the previews and the somewhat scary parts but like Hannah, Jenny did great too! I"ve still got to do a post on that AND our beach day!!! I think I'll have to do a "what we did this summer" post. :) We LOVED the decorations the theater had too for the movie..tooo cute!


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