Monday, January 17, 2011

Morning Fun

So much happens in time between waking up and heading to work and this past past week was no exception. 

The week was a normal winter week with snow and cold.  I don’t really mind either but I’m a summer girl if I had my choice.  Wednesday we woke to a fresh layer of beautiful snow which required shovelling before going to work.  Hannah woke earlier than normal so I thought I might have a ‘shubbling’ partner but the offer of staying inside to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and look out at mommy when she wanted won out.  A good choice for both of us.  I was able to get the shovelling done faster and to make it more enjoyable, I could sometimes look up and see my adorable, bed headed sweetie smiling through the door, calling out ‘Mommeeee’ and even blowing kisses!  I don’t think snow shovelling has ever been more enjoyable!DSC_6503

Fast forward 2 days to Friday and it was a busier morning once again.  Later that day Hannah and I would be headed Buffalo way to meet friends and jet off on a mini-vacay so, Friday morning was time to finish the last minute packing.  Once again Hannah rose earlier than normal so she played (and unpacked) while I ran around……and re-packed.  :o) At one point I realized she was pretty quiet which normally means uh-oh!  I began calling to her and wandering down the hall.  As I looked into the bathroom I laughed as all I could see was my sweet little pyjama clad cutie surrounded by a cloud of toilet paper.  Being the good bloggy mom that I am, I ran to get the camera first and then begin the clean-up.DSC_6504

Wanting to get a head start on the clean-up, by the time I returned  Hannah had already put about 1/2 the TP into the toilet. Uh-oh again! I scooped some of the soggy stuff into the garbage and then began to flush.  Guess I left too much in as we’ll just say that Hannah’s was introduced to the wonderful world of the plunger.   Sure hope she doesn’t want to experiment with it later on.

I have pics to share of the holiday fun we’ve had so far but need to join Hannah hereDSC_6540

as I just can’t keep my eyes open!  More to come soon.


  1. You are a busy woman!!

    Hannah looks cozy comfy in the bed! I hope you had a good sleep!

  2. Our second grandson (two years old) is one of those uh-oh kids too. Never malicious, just always busy! And so sweet that you just have to laugh.


  3. Laughing!! That Hannah sure keeps you on your toe-toes!
    We've resorted to taking all of the TP off of the rungs and can only hope to remember to grab a roll when the urge strikes. Sigh...the things we have to do to keep order now that the little bugs are more mobile than their arthritic parents!

  4. Love the toilet paper. We have had that happen here. Sounds like you are busy. I too, like you want summer to come.

  5. I just love to read your blog....Hannah is adorable, and growing so fast. When i need uplifted, i find reading your blog always makes me smile. Thank you,for sharing your blessings with us. Enjoy your trip !!! God Bless.


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