Friday, June 11, 2010

Our New Space - Part II

We lost a day to rain yesterday but before Hannah and I were up this morning (we're still late sleepers), Tim was back and working on the deck. Today's accomplishments were two sets of steps and most of the fencing. Here Hannah gives one of the new steps a try.
We decided to go with a horizontal look with the fencing rather than the typical vertical boards. I'm really happy with it as I like the look and also it offers more privacy than the normal staggered vertical boards would. We have common property that runs behind our yard and it's pretty common for people to be walking through there and also, as you can see from this pic there is very little distance between my house and the one behind me.
Also, there are 4 other families all within 20' of our yard so this gives us a little more privacy when we want to enjoy the deck. I've already bought a little portable high chair for Hannah to use out there and I think we'll start tomorrow! Tim will be finishing everything off tomorrow including building the gate and protecting the air conditioner and gas meter a bit.

I think a delicious BBQ steak dinner is on the menu for tomorrow night!


  1. It's looking fantastic. I, too, like the horizontal fencing, more unique and private for sure. The trim on the steps is very nice.

    Are you going to seal the whole thing or is Tim?

    This is like adding another room onto your house!

  2. Wonderful new space and just in time to enjoy all summer long!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  3. Tim is obviously a fine, clever craftsman. What a lovely, safe, private, easy-to-supervive outdoor play area!

  4. Heh Cath ... I came to see the pictures and the horizontal looks great! Can't wait to have coffee on the deck! Lookin' Good! Thanks for the fun visit this morning! Hannah and her mom are too sweet, .... Love ya, Japh

  5. Can't wait to have some play dates out on that beautiful deck! Looks wonderful!


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