Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Little Shovelling Partner

We've had a cold winter but with far less snow that normal. Usually boots become daily footwear from December until March but today was the very first time I put mine on and truly that was to ensure I didn't slip while shovelling the little bit of snow we had. I dressed my little miss in her winter woolies, strapped her into the Baby Bjorn and we set to clearing the driveway. I used the new style of shovelling with one hand and then using my foot to kick the back of the shovel to get the snow off. It was snowing while we shovelled and Hannah loved it! She kept her little head back the entire time allowing the snow to fall on her face and grinning up at me the whole time!

Thank you to all for your kind words, concern, prayers and emails while Hannah has been sick. I believe we've finally turned the corner and she's on the mend. Her little nose is still running and still has some blood in it but we've made it through the entire day without any Tylenol or Motrin as her fever was low enough that she hasn't needed it. She's also much more her happy little self. I hadn't realized how much Hannah chatters during the day until she was quiet for the past number of days. It was awful! Rather than giggles, chatter and playing she was happier just to sleep and spend the day in my arms reading, crying most times she was placed on the floor with her toys. I am so thankful to have my little girl feeling better!!


  1. HOW DID I MISS THAT HANNAH WAS SICK??? I didn't know until I saw you this afternoon about the sickness.

    I am glad she is on the mend.

  2. She's a trooper, that is for sure! Glad that she is feeling better and that her fever is low. Hopefully, she is on the mend!

  3. Wow - you're good! That's gotta take some serious talent to shovel with one hand while having your little bugaboo strapped to you too! Good exercise program.

    So glad your little sweetie is feeling better and back to her happy little self. She looks so cute in that little winter outfit!


  4. I love the picture!! Soooooooo cute!! She has the same snowsuit as Carys! :o)

    I used to shovel at 10 or 11 pm while all the kids were asleep. I'd take a baby monitor out with me when Dale was working away! lol I was always VERY ready for bed when I'd come back in!

  5. It's been a while since I had my "Hannah fix" - so sorry she's been feeling rotten! Glad she's on the mend, with several teeth to show for it! Can you believe your baby's going to be one? So exciting... but kind of sad, too! Looking forward to the b-day pictures.

  6. aww she's so adorable in her little uggs, you must love her so much to buy her such a expensive little shoes. hehe.

  7. What an absolute doll! So relieved that she is okay.


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