Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Man in My Life!!

You may have noticed that blogging is happening a little less often these days and it's for a very good reason...There is a man in my life and we spend almost every evening together!! He whispers in my ear, shares his pie with me, takes me out for walks and even complains if I think about saying goodnight without kissing him goodbye!

Who is this man that I love very much?

Grandpa!!! 'Grandpa' (Sharon's dad) is still in the hospital and has been for 8 weeks as of today. We're still adjusting to the changes in his life and his family are working daily towards finding answers as to what will be best for Grandpa. Sadly the error in meds that he was given appears to have triggered some permanent changes in him. We believe that God is totally capable of bringing the old grandpa back but should he remain as he is they are preparing for what might happen next.

As he spends his time in the hospital with his wife and daughters by his side during the day, I get to spend most evenings with him and you know what....I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!! As much as I would love for Hannah to be home now, since she is not I am thankful to have this opportunity to spend time with Grandpa and in turn help out my precious friends, all whom I love very, very much and are like a 2nd family! We are so blessed to share the friendship that we do!

Here are a few pics to show some of the good times Grandpa and I share together!

Offering me some of his yummy blueberry pie. Mmmm!

Of course I'll have some!

Ice cream parties

Many, many.......MANY walks around the halls of the 7th floor and,

Dates at Tim Horton's in the lobby!

Love you so much Grandpa! I'm so glad we have this time together!!


  1. I am glad that your have the time to spend so much time with Grandpa. It is so much easier to be in the hospital when there are people who love you to help pass the time away!
    Praying that his family finds all the answers and challenges they are facing.

  2. What a blessing for you and him; enjoy the times you have! This is what living your life is about. God bless

  3. Oh my goodness you are such a sweetheart that I will forgive you for the near-heart attack I had upon reading the first few lines. Big hugs to Grandpa.

  4. You are an incredible friend, Cath. Anyone who knows you and who is loved by you is the luckiest person in the world. I'm happy to be one of those people!

  5. OK...you made me cry.

    Cathy, we can never ever thank you enough for the time you are giving and the care and love you are lavishing on Dad...NEVER! May the Lord bless you. You are one-in-a-million and our family treasures you as an 'adopted' member. Your gift is allowing us time with our families and opportunity to enjoy some other pleasures during these difficult days. I cannot say thank you enough.

    The "man in your life" was the first one in mine and I love him so very much. Thanks for loving him like we do!!!


  6. He seems to get a few good meals. That is great that you two are bonding.

  7. You are the best! How lucky you are to have eachother...

    I have to admit that I was extremely intrigued upon reading that first line ;-)

  8. what a handsome man! and what precious time this is..to be able to just sit and enjoy time with him.

    Praying for wisdom for the family.

  9. You are amazing Catherine and I'm so thankful to have you in my life!!!

    I can not believe how much Sharon looks like her dad!!! :-) Both so beautiful!!!

    Bless you and I'll keep praying!!!

  10. Precious, precious time together! You are sweet, and it looks like your Grandpa is great!

  11. That is so sweet.

    What a gift for both of you.

  12. He must be a special guy- no wonder you love him so.

  13. Your amazing!! You will be blessed again and again in your life, because you care so much for others.

  14. You are so wonderful! How you got so much sweetness, caring and loving all in one person! You are great! Love the pictures; hope he gets well.

    Alyzabeth's Mommy


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