Friday, December 05, 2008

Piano Recital Fun!

Sharon was my piano teacher for years and the many wonderful things she taught me have allowed me to share music with my own piano students. I've been teaching for almost 10 years now and I absolutely love it! What a blessing it is to spend time with the children that enter my home each week and to watch them grow both musically and personally over the years. I am so thankful for all you taught me Sharon and for all that it allows me to offer others. Thank you!!

Tonight I went to her recital and it was a treat to hear her students. Beautiful! I'm biased for sure but I believe she's the best teacher there is!

While at the recital, we also took advantage of having most of their family together and took some Christmas pics. Clothing was not discussed but it worked out really well. This family is like a second family to me and I'm thankful for each and every one of them!!

Sharon preparing for the recital

Sharon and I

Japhia and I (Sorry Japh, it really was the best one of the group! Hopefully your camera captured a better one. I figure it captures the fun of our friendship!)
Joy and I (Hmmm....are you seeing double? Nope! Joy and Japhia are identical twins and tonight showed up dressed almost identically even though they'd never talked about it. Fun!)
Michelle and I (Michelle is Victoria's mom. If you visit here for long you'll know about Victoria and my precious niece Rebecca's cherished friendship)

A proud Grandma and her adorable Grandson Josh who did an amazing job, especially considering he's only had 5 lessons! how she's growing up!

More pics just for fun...


  1. Too adorable!!!! All your pictures are AMAZING!!!! The one of Josh bowing - oh my goodness!!! OK...I have to get your camera!!!!

    Cathy, your comments about my family made me cry! You are like family to us - really!!!!
    Love ya,

  2. Very nice. I love that little bow at the end.

    M'dear, it never ceases to amaze me how you find time to do all you do including globe-trotting and teaching piano too!

  3. Such great pictures of the people you love!!

  4. Good times! Glad the recital went well.

  5. Sharon must be highly complimented at your post.

  6. Looks like a fun time!! I can't believe the twins showed up dressed the same, the connection between twin sisters is truly an amazing thing.

  7. Beautiful pictures!

    Your hair is getting so long. Lovely!

    Keep smilin!


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