Monday, September 15, 2008


After a summer in which I attempted to eat numerous times at every ice cream parlor within a 10 km radius, I decided that this morning it was time to head back to the gym.

Alarm set for 5:17am - check

Got meself out of bed by 5:45am - check (I am queen of the snooze button)

Teeth brushed, hair brushed - check, check

Dressed in not-so-stylin sweats and t-shirt - check

Out the door at 5:55am - check

Arrive at rec centre at 6:02am - check

Notice I'm the only brave one to master Ike and dark morning at 6am - feeling pretty good about myself- check

Walk into rec centre and notice pool is missing something...water!! - check

Notice 'cage' is still around check-in place - check

See yellow tape across entry to walking track - check

See teeny tiny little sign that says rec centre is closed for renovations for 1 week...starting today! - check

Feel saddened by missing walking - ummm...nope!!

Quickly realize that I have 1 more week to SLEEP IN until 6:30am - CHECK!

Want to know what's kinda funny? After a 3 month exercise hiatus for all of us I'd talked a friend and her hubby to join me this morning. Oops!!

What were we to do? What any good Canadian would do at a moment like this...we took our nasty, sweat clad, barey coiffed, unmake-uped selves and headed to Timmys! We may have frightened a few people in the process but we had a great time anyway!

Tomorrow I sleep in and next Monday we try again.


  1. How did I know what the punch line was before I got to it?! LOL
    BTW, you're famous. My sister emailed me to tell me you were in the Toronto Star article!

  2. Oh, no!!! But here is where we are different -- my lazy self would see this as a SIGN FROM GOD that I wasn't meant to exercise this year, whereas you are only putting it off for a week. LOL.

  3. Go figure!!! I agree with TM...I would have written it off for good, not just a week!

    Another week of ice cream and sleeping in....There is always tomorrow...right!


  4. It, did you go for ice cream tonight? :P

  5. You three are pathetic, pathetic, pathetic!!!! :o)

    Your "friend and her husband" also posted about this dilemma today. I gave her a little pep talk too! My just show them at the rec center that they can't stop you from getting back out there and exercising. It's suppose to be a lovely week re: weather - you can always walk in the great outdoors. And...wait a minute...don't you own a "Gazelle"? Put on some great music and enjoy!!!!

    Cheering you on!!!!!

  6. How annoying that you had to be woken up at 517... only to find the gym out of order!!! I guess you now know why no one was there!!!

    I've said it once, and I'll say it again... Exercise is bad for you! (Our local newsheadline: a guy was running early Sun morning - a tyre came off a truck and killed him... see - bad for you!)

  7. That is a hoot!!!

    Enjoy your sleep in!

    Keep smilin!

  8. Good luck NEXT Monday with getting up...

  9. I'm back to the grind too this week! :(

    Just got in from my walk and man....I'm soooo not in shape for it right now like I used to be!!

    I can't believe you live 7 mins from your rec center!! Nice!! :) That's a few more sleep in mins for you then!!! lol

    We wanted to go swimming as a family today but our pool is out of water right now for maintenance as well!! Must be a September thing!!!

    Love ya! Gonna right that email I promised you REALLY soon!!!! (I'm soooo bad!!!)

  10. Oh Catherine that's hilarious! Good think you snuck in a few more minutes of sleep and didnt actually get up at 5:17 for nothing! :)

    Good luck next week.


  11. If you take really really small sips, drinking that cup of coffee would be like several sets with weights. ; )

  12. That's hilarious! So funny...enjoy the sleep!

  13. gym no not me...I'm not brave enough! Kudos to you my friend!!!!

  14. That is some awesome luck!! Excellent. :-)

  15. That is great. I took my first walk in weeks today. I am already sore. Maybe I will join you and go back to bed for another week.

  16. Oh no!! Well you made the most of it!

    You should try the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred workout on DVD. Only 20 minutes a day in the comfort of your own home! You could sleep in until 6:10! :o)

  17. I can't believe you're waking up at that unholy hour to go to the gym, then to have it closed!

    We've also started going and feel so much better for it.


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