Friday, August 08, 2008

Please Tell Me I'm Not Alone

Now that I've finished watching the opening ceremonies I have a couple of questions to ask of you.

1. Did anybody else sit in their home and make those butterfly hands with the ladies in white at the end? I didn't until I saw those sitting in the stands doing it and the athletes so decided to give it a try. Lets just say none of those ladies were in jeopardy of loosing their job with my sorry attempt!

2. Does anybody else have part of their bladder behind their eyes? I teared up a number of times during the ceremonies. Just watching so many people working together as a team to create such beauty made me tear up. Watching some of the athletes walk into the stadium. The precious little 9yo girl who was involved in a few places. Lighting of the torch...just to name a few.

I found watching the ceremonies to be a very emotional journey too as I was once again reminded of the beautiful people that live in the country where my daughter will be born. Maybe she is already born? I won't know that answer until next year.

To see a people so proud of their country yet so humble at the same time is inspiring. I am so excited to see the country of China highlighted over the next 2 weeks and to learn as much as I can about Hannah's birth country. I tell you, I can't think of another event that causes a country to be featured so much as the Olympics. I want to soak in as much about her birth country as I can so that someday I can share these memories with her.

Once again my heart was opened to the thought of the precious baby girl who God is preparing for me. It will be so neat in the future to share with her how I was feeling as her birth country was opening it's arms and welcoming in the world! Mommy loves you Hannah!!

I love how the Olympics draws so many people together with a common goal. The goal to do their very best and those of us on the sidelines, to cheer each and every one of them on!

What will be your favourite events to watch? My faves are:
- Gymnastics
- Rhythmic Gymnastics
- Diving
- Swimming
- Syncro Swimming
- Kayaking
- Canoeing
- Trampoline

I enjoy most of the others too but these are my faves to watch.

What parts of the ceremonies were your faves and what events are 'must sees' for you?


  1. I let Mali stay up till 9 t'nite to watch. The swimming/diving scenes in the opening previews certainly caught her eye! I have a good feeling we'll be tuning in for those competitions. (Personally, I love the gymnastics)

    I teared up a few times, mainly b/c Mali was so darn excited (& proud!) to share a connection with such an amazing country & culture.

  2. Still watching it and still saying wow. Spectacular. We let the girls (and their babydolls) stay up late and they were just fascinated. Can't wait to watch it again tomorrow (replay tv).

  3. I taped it and will enjoy when I can really watch... I did catch the first 20 minutes on break from work... YES the eye bladder was doing overtime just while watching this small part of the celebration. Also, thought of Tate the whole 20 minutes I watched.

    Gymnastics for me.

  4. It was so beautiful! I let Briana stay up a little to watch it. It was truly spectacular!

  5. I must say that i am partial to the gymnastics and diving.

    I didn't catch the opening ceremonies - I am sure the highlights will be shown again.

  6. I am so tired this morning ..stayed up way to o late to watch it all. I am blown away by the whole thing...when the drummers came on in the beginning I thought...this is going to be fantastic and I was not disappointed. One of the commentators said it best when he said no other Olympic host country has the kind of culture is as rich in history as China and it will be displayed over these next 17 days. I plan to record as much of it as I can to share with Maddy someday, so she can share the same pride in her birth country as I feel in mine.
    Fav events to be watching- tennis, soccer, swimming and gymnastics. Not a basketball fan but the hype around Team USA vs. China game tomorrow night has me intrigued.
    Have a great weekend!!

  7. Answers:

    Yes and Yes

    Most of the track stuff I find the pole vault fascinating
    Yaking (thinking of Kathy)

  8. I think I felt choked up by the irony- a country I have always loved as much as my own (since childhood) striving for this ideal and falling so short- the irony is in what it cost to make this happen- the thousands upon thousands of lives effected, put out of house and home, and denied work/wages for a month or longer to "clean the air".

    And I was awed by the artistry, the sheer beauty of what this country can do together. The rich history and beautiful philosophy. And if 2008 drummers can synchronize banging those drums, I think China has the ability to rise to the call to be a healthier, more compassionate nation (I'm speaking more in terms of govt, not the people themselves).

    There is nothing that will change my love of this incredible country. I hope these games become a source of inspiration for the world, but most especially, for China.

  9. Fantastic show...Love the little boy marching with Ming when China entered and his story... I love track & field and swimming. My Granddaughter will be coming from a country of much culture and beauty. .. Linda

  10. Chase, Colton and Caden totally were doing the arm waving thing while watching!! Too funny!!!

    I too thought of all my wonderful friends who are STILL waiting for their little girls while I was watching the Olympics. The whole time I was thinking....."Wow...I can't believe the Olympics are here and we still wouldn't have had our referral yet!!" CRAZY!

  11. I was a blubbering mess when Yao Ming was walking with that amazing little boy during the parade of nations part!!!

    The ceremony was just breathtaking!! It was a visual masterpiece!!

  12. Have you figured out yet that I am an Olympics FREAK?!!?!? I'm like this no matter who hosts, but this year ... watch out! LOL.

    My favorite events are swimming, synchro swimming, gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, dressage, soccer, I could go on and on.

    Right now a recording of the mends basketball game between the US and China is playing in the background. I love Yao Ming! Especially now... he was so sweet to that amazing little boy.

  13. We have enjoyed the olympics os much. We really feel like we have such a connection to China and the people there. It has been as great as when the olympics were in our very own town.

  14. I only got to watch bits of the opening ceremonies.

    This may sound odd, but I kept looking at people thinking "wow, they may be related to the baby(ies) of a bloggy friend.

    I do think the opening ceremonies tapped into the spirit of China. I think they were very symbolic. I hope a lot of people taped it to save. I imagine their children will enjoy watching it from time to time.

  15. You are NOT alone. We have been completely overwhelmed by the flood of emotion this olympics has poured out on our home. The girls are loving it, but Rob and I are completely awestruck by our sense of family in this.

    We look forward to it each and every day.

    Thanks for sharing your innermost...makes me feel really normal:)



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