Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Saskatchewan...Here We Come!!

For the past 9 years I have often joined Sharon when she travels to conduct piano exams for the Royal Conservatory of Music. We've had the pleasure of visiting BC 3x, Alberta twice and yesterday she and I boarded a plane and flew 3 1/2 hours west to the province of Saskatchewan. We were here in 2003 too and have many great memories of our trip then. Now we're making more!

As we neared Saskatoon it was easy to see the differences in the land. Not only had I flown out of a major city and landed in a much smaller city but SK is quite flat and has beautiful prarie fields everywhere. I love the variety of scenery that my country has to offer.

I laughed when I looked over and Sharon was changing her watch to match the current time. It's a standing joke with us that she doesn't change her watch even when the time changes so when I saw her doing this I knew it was a Kodak moment. :o)'s easy to see that I still have work to do when it comes to packing less! 2 weeks in China? *gulp!!!* I brought less clothes this time but my scrapbooking supplies still took my suitcase up to 42lbs.

After picking up our rental car in Saskatoon we headed further west. This picture of the GPS (which is an AMAZING little tool and took less than 3 seconds to change from Ontario to SK!) shows a normal SK road. Pretty straight and flat.We arrived in Biggar late in the afternoon.

It's always a question about what our accommodations will be like in these small towns but the motel we're in is clean, newly refurbished and we have a great room with a fridge and free high speed wireless. Perfect!!

The place Sharon examined at today was less than 1 km away so allowing time for traffic (lol!) we needed to leave our room exactly 5 mins before she wanted to be there...and we were still early. At lunch I walked in to the town and checked out the stores. You can imagine my surprise when I walked out of a store and saw Sharon across the street. She'd finished early before lunch but since my cell can't get a signal here I didn't know. It was purely coincidental that we ran into one another. Her secretary teased her that if she was looking for me she could ask anyone in town as everyone was sure to know that there were 'new people' in town since everybody knows everybody! Ahhhh...small towns are neat.

As I was walking downtown I noticed this and immediately thought of you Lea! This one's for you...

One final pic to make you smile. I call this one, 'I love travelling with a senior!' :o) Yes, this was 7:17pm...but as Sharon was laughing she reminded me, 'It's 9:17 at home!' We have a TON of fun together and I love how we can laugh with one another about the silliest things. I am SO THANKFUL for you Sharon. Your friendship is a treasured gift from God. Love you so much!


  1. I love that you travel so much.

  2. You just never sit still do you woman!!

    Good for you!!1

  3. Oh what fun. I have one question though - why would someone like you need a GPS??? :)

    And that garden centre is just beautiful eh? (cough cough)

    Have a great rest of your trip.


  4. Fun stuff!! Enjoy your time with Sharon in Sask.

    Keep smilin!

  5. Loved reading what you guys are up as always!

  6. I love reading about your little adventures with Sharon while still being a little jealous that she gets some special C time!

  7. Yayy....LOVE that you are so close to me. Only a few more sleeps....I cant wait!! Guess you dont need directions since you have that GPS. They are sweet!!! Thats the one good thing about the Prairies....we can see for MILES, you will never get lost!!

    Talk soon!!! And WELCOME to SASKATCHEWAN my friend!!

  8. Oh, I remember my RCM exams well. I was always SO terrified! I wish as a child I knew that the adults weren't so scary....

  9. Sounds like a blast! That "lush" garden center cracks me up. :-)

  10. Welcome to SK! I hope to finally meet you on Monday!

  11. You are seriously one of the busiest people I know! you are always on the go :)

    Looks like fun. Have a great time.

  12. Hmmm, do you think we'd be able to meet halfway on a weekend?

  13. You took scrapbooking materials??? Wow you're good and orgainzed too.

    Have a great time. (not that there's any doubt that you do everywhere you go)

  14. Looks like so much fun! It must be a hard life, hey?!!!


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