Monday, May 19, 2008

Great Friends!

It was such a treat to spend the weekend with wonderful friends! As we celebrate the birthday of Queen Victoria today (which I don't really understand as it's May 24th and that's next weekend but today is the holiday?) we enjoyed a fun-filled weekend together in Montreal. Here are some pics of specdial friends.

Doris and Dan who celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary yesterday. Happy Anniversary friends!! (We didn't realize it was their anniversary until we arrived so we quickly improvised with a card and gift. What did we do? We found a card Doris had around the house and adapted it for our use and then presented it to them with a package of gum....their gum and, with a piece missing! :o) Creativitiy at it's best thanks to K1.

Happy Anniversary Doris and Dan!

K1 and K2 enjoying fresh, hot bagels that were removed from a wood burning oven only moments before we purchased them. Yumm!!!

Michelle and Mark sneaking a smooch in front of the fountain. Sweet!


  1. Those pictures make me miss you guys even more! Glad you had a good time.

  2. I look like I have a fountain coming out of the top of my head!! LOL!!


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