Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Yeah! My First Secret Pal Gift Arrived Today!

As part of the March DTC group, each of us was given the opportunity of participating in a monthly Secret Pal gift exchange. I love to shop, especially for baby stuff so knew I wanted to be part of this. Earlier this month I was assigned someone that I would send a package to each month from now until next January. In January we will reveal who we are and celebrate by having a cyber shower! Someone else, was given my name to be a secret pal to.

I arrived home today to find my first Secret Pal gift package waiting for me. Yeah!!! (Can I tell you how nice it is to be happy for mail! Normally it's just bills and junk mail. All the adoption packages are such a wonderful change!)

This month's theme is 'Bathtime Fun' so we're been purchasing gifts with that in mind. I opened my gift to find this cute duckie towel + a momma duck with her 3 babies. I know Hannah will enjoy chasing the little rubber duckies around the tub and I'll enjoy wrapping her up in the warm hooded towel! What a great gift!

Next month's theme is: Nursery Theme and colours. Yeah...time to begin shopping again. My cousin Bridget and I are heading to the States this weekend so I hope to find something for her (and of course for Hannah!) there.

If you're reading this, thanks again secret pal!

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