Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Confession Is Good For the Soul…

…and I’ve also learned for blog content! :o)

Today’s confession has to do with another one of my weaknesses – I looove cake batter! A cake itself I can take or leave but ohhh the batter! Yummmm! Come on, I’m sure I’m not alone here folks!

2 weeks ago at scrapbooking, we were talking about this and I found out that I have a fellow partner-in-crime in my scrappin’ friend. We talked about it so much that when she came back last night she confessed that she held out for 2 or 3 days after our last crop but then just had to have some batter! Don’t I know what that’s like! I get something in my head (localized in my taste buds) and it’s game over! Dr. Phil recommends doing something to distract yourself that cannot be done while eating, until the craving goes away – take a bath, knit, swim. Truth be told, I could knit while taking a bath and swim across an ocean and then I’d still want whatever craving I had when I started distracting myself. I’m a tough cookie…mmm…cookies! ;o)

When we were on the batter topic at scrapping, I mentioned to one of the girls from work who was at the crop that on those occasions when I take cupcakes to work it’s not because I was in the mood to bake, it’s because I was in the mood for a batter snack. Fill those cupcakes up then while they bake, sit down to clean the bowl which happens to have a little more than just the edges and beaters to clean.

I remember being a teen and Mom wondering what kept happening to my cakes in that they didn’t seem to rise very much. I feigned an ‘I don’t know’ face and just shrugged my shoulders. Yup…bad!

My bad habit was made ok a number of years ago when I found out that my ‘Grandpa’ is also a fan of cake batter. If it’s good enough for him then it’s definitely good enough for me! He and I have teased that some day we’ll get together and make up a mix that will never make it to the oven! :o) What a fun memory that would make.

Until then…It’s spring……batter up!

PS - By the look of me in this picture I'd better lay off the batter! Ah, to be that size again...sigh................


  1. Catherine, that's hilarious about your mom's cakes.

    My mom used to bake double batches of cookies and put half in the freezer. We all used to sneak them when she was out of the house, then she would go to get them for company, or something, and there would be one left. She never did quite catch on!

  2. Love cake batter BUT even better than that is brownie batter! Yummy!

  3. I used to love batter until my husband told me I was eating raw eggs... that did it for me!

  4. Mmmmmmm, batter.... Love it all - cake batter, brownie batter, cookie batter. I don't discriminate at all, I'm an equal opportunity batter eater. ;-b

  5. It's sad that I love batter also but I will eat more then bake. Don't even get me started on cookie dough!

    I blame my Mom! She used to let me lick to bowl when I was little. Yeah..it's her fault (sulk away to suck on a wooden spoon covered in ooey gooey goodness).

    Keep smilin!


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