Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Snow? In April?? Not again!

Ah man!! When I started teaching tonight I noticed a little bit of this stuff falling from the sky but tried desperately to ignore it. I understand it's only the 4th of April but I'm sooo ready for spring! (Guess you can tell that by the number of posts I have about a few little flowers that are trying desperately to brighten up my little corner of the world.)

When I finished teaching I opened the front door and was sadly surprised by this light sprinkling of s**w. Yah, yah...I know it won't last but I'm just so done with winter!

The crocuses probably only have a week or so left in them and then the wait for the tulips to bloom will begin. That's probably a month+ down the road but that's ok. While we wait the trees will bud, the grass will begin to turn green and the beautiful lilacs will begin their salute to spring! Yeah!

It's spring which means my body is ready to head south but alas, not this year. If I want to tan any of this transparent skin before the month of June, it will be via 'Fake 'n Bake.' It may smell like suntan lotion, the tanning bed may feel a little like the sun, but without adding in the great shopping available in the sunny south it will still be just a session in a tanning bed. Hmmm...wonder who I can persuade to go on a mini-vacation for a few days? Any takers?


  1. You should move to Vancouver Catherine. Flowers are EVERYWHERE! Tulips included:) Sorry that's probably not making you feel any better.

  2. We had that awful white stuff here too! Luckily it melted but not before I had to pull the brush out! 22degrees on Friday and today...pulling out the old winter coat! Drat!

    BTW, sorry for that double post!


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