Thursday, April 27, 2006

We're Having a Garage Sale!

A few weeks ago at Bible study we were talking about how much 'stuff' each of us accumulates. Too much stuff!

Someone mentioned that she needed to clear out some of her extra things and an idea was born! This wonderful group of people (5 couples plus myself) are hosting a Garage Sale on Saturday, May 13th! All of the money that is raised these wonderful friends are donating to help with the adoption costs! Wow!!! Just typing this brings tears to my eyes at the generosity of friends!

Since that amazing day in October 2005 when God gave me peace that I should be moving forward with His blessing towards the adoption of baby Hannah, I can honestly say I have not lost a moments sleep regarding the financial responsibilities the adoption and raising a daughter brings. That being said, I also have been well aware of the new challenges this brings and am careful with my extra spending.

Do I think about the costs? Yes.

Do I worry about the costs? NO!

That's the difference that only God's peace can bring when we step out in faith. Trusting Him to meet our needs as I know that I myself cannot do it. But...GOD CAN!

This sale is another one of the many, many...MANY ways God is showing me His leading in the adoption of my precious baby girl.

Another portion of this post is to invite you to participate if you wish. If you live near me and have extra 'stuff' you want to be rid of, please feel free to donate it to the sale. The Bible Study gang are cleaning out their homes and friends at work have already begun making donations too. Any items that remain after the sale will be donated to our local, 'Bibles for Missions' store so it's all good!

I'll post details of the time and location of the sale closer to May 13th should any of you wish to drop by.

Praying for a non-rainy day on May 13th.

Praising God for answered prayers in the form of
so MANY friends who are all excitedly awaiting
the arrival of Hannah!

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