Friday, November 21, 2014

Hanging Out in ‘The Villages’

After the Christmas party, the next few days were wonderfully low key.  Breakfasts on the lanai.  IMG_5696

We enjoyed tooting around in the golf cart IMG_5654

plenty of shopping and Hannah enjoyed tons and tons of time with her grandparents!  Craft time IMG_5680

game night IMG_5705

and cuddle time.IMG_5782

We love the relaxed atmosphere in the villages and it’s great to step aside from daily routines and just share time together. 

Our favourite tree.  It’s so beautiful and it’s so different from anything that we have at home.IMG_5666




Hannah found a new friend when we were shopping but mommy and nana said, ‘no!’ Surprised smile  I didn’t budget for an extra plane seat for Olaf! Winking smileIMG_5700

This story still makes me laugh!  On the Saturday when we were driving home after touring all over The Villages, the cart shuttered a bit and I looked down to see this:IMG_5770

Although we were only about 10 minutes from home I was pretty sure we weren’t going to make it, especially with 4 of us in the cart.  Oops!!oops

I called dad and he came to rescue us by brining the charger…and lots of digs to rent a (NOISY…ick!!) gas cart next time.  Um…nope!get a gas cart

We needed to plug in for a bit so dad took Hannah and Larry back to the house while Sharon and I waited for the cart to charge up…tucked into the entrance of a closed bank as it was the only outlet we could find.  Larry and I asking, ‘What were we to do?’who us

Sharon and I made the best of it but catching some last rays before flying home.  Thankfully the sirens we heard went elsewhere.  Phew!!IMG_2573

Once we were charged up and Sharon had helped navigate me back to the road I suddenly shouted, ‘I’m outta here!  See ya!!’ and floored it!  LOL!  I looked back to see her doubled over in laughter!  Yes, I am my father’s daughter!!


Oh how we love this family time together!!IMG_5779

I am so thankful Hannah and I are privileged to spend this time with her grandparents!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade

The last thing we did at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party on Monday, November 10th was to attend Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade. (Link contains full parade video)IMG_5652

Some of us saw a little more of it than others did. Winking smileIMG_5625

Hannah has slept through more Disney parades than she has ever watched!!

The parade started with a whole host of classic Disney characters.

A new addition this year were the Frozen characters!

Hannah’s pal GoofyIMG_5639

Another thing that was new this year (at least I don’t remember this in the past) is that 2 different floats had real horses pulling them!  These miniature horses pulling Cinderella’s carriage were adorable!IMG_5643


I loved seeing the soldiers in person!  I’ve watched Disney’s Christmas Day Parade for more than 20 years now and it was so neat to see the soldiers live!!  (Heh!  My girl can sleep through anything when she’s tired!)

I’ll share the dancing reindeer as my final picture as I was so excited to see Santa that I forgot to take a picture.  Oops!  Always a kid at heart!IMG_5649

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!!

Monday was a day of play!  We spent a quieter morning at home knowing that we’d be partying late into the night!  That night we had tickets for ‘Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party’!!!  Woot!  (Unfortunately Mom’s health can still be a little iffy so partying to midnight isn’t something she’s up for just yet.  Another year Mom and Dad will join us at the party hopefully!)


We started our day having lunch with one of the pastors who married Sharon and Larry 50 years ago next October and then after lunch we were Disney bound to enjoy the Christmas party.IMG_5571


We added some festive ears to Hannah’s Christmas ensemble


Christmas on Main StreetIMG_5591

This is a sweet story.  We had purchased ice cream cones as a snack and were enjoying them as we walked towards the castle.  Hannah went to take a bite of hers when ‘plop’, it landed on the sidewalk.  Practically before I could bend down to comfort her and pick it up, this cast member was by my side and he kindly said that he’d get us a new one.  He took me back to the ice cream store,  waited with me until there was a cashier available and explained what had happened.  The gal looked up with a smile and said, ‘I remember you!’ and went herself to get the cone remade herself and handed it to me.  Needless to say, Hannah was happy for Jordan’s help and her new ice cream cone!


Before the party officially began we enjoyed Mickey’s PhilharMagic, it’s a small world and the Carousel. 


Although it was difficult for her to see Hannah enjoyed the Celebrate the Season show.


Thankfully we were able to move a little closer and get a bit of a better view of A Frozen Holiday Wish.



It always makes me giggle that one of Hannah’s favourite parts (aside from the Frozen show above) is the hot chocolate and they give away at the party.


After our snack we introduced Nana and Papa to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  Hannah loved it, Nana screamed.  Smile  We saw some of the Holiday Wishes – Celebrate the Spirit of the Season fireworks and rode Winnie the Pooh.  From there we made our way to Adventureland to watch ‘Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas Time Parade’ but that’s a post for another day.

Possibly we’re the first to wish you, ‘Merry Christmas!!’  The season is now in full swing for us!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sunday in The Villages

Sunday morning we went to church at The Village of Faith Baptist Church.  IMG_5698

I think you can tell from this picture why there were only 5 little ones in Sunday School with Hannah but it sure was enjoyable and they made us feel so welcome! IMG_5552

While we were at church our wheels for the week arrived!  One of our favourite part about visiting The Villages is that we can take the golf cart everywhere!  IMG_5556

The golf cart also ends up being one of Hannah’s favourite places to nap.IMG_5557

After finding a couple of adorable Christmas outfits for Hannah we headed home for a quiet evening.  I’d bought Hannah her first set of Lego the day before and she was excited to finally have some ‘girl’ Lego to play with.  IMG_5560


Little does she know how well she’ll be set up with Lego once Christmas Day arrives!!

Friday, November 14, 2014

A Week Away with the Grandparents

Last Saturday Hannah, Nana, Papa and I boarded a plane and flew to FL to visit with Grandma and Grandpa for a week.  Each fall my parents rent a home in ‘The Villages’ FL and we join them for a week of sun, relaxation, playtime and shopping!

A brief stop in the Orlando airport to take a picture at our traditional spot.IMG_5517

Our first stop is normally Downtown Disney but this year to avoid the traffic headaches caused but construction we went to Disney’s Port Orleans ~ Riverside ResortIMG_5521 to park, check it out, eat and then take a boat to Downtown Disney.  A much better choice than trying to find a parking spot right now.  (Thankfully the new parking garage is scheduled to open in a couple of weeks so hopefully things get better.)

An unexpected event for us was renting one of their surrey bikes.  We sure had a lot of laughs as we attempted to pedal this bike around the resort a couple of times!


After lunch we boarded one of the boat shuttles and made our way to Downtown Disney.IMG_5531

Skating with Anna, Elsa and OlafIMG_5538

It’s not a trip to DD without a stop at Goofy’s Candy Store for caramel and peanut covered apples!  Mmmm!!


At the Disney Store their is a magic mirror where little girls can see what they look like with all the different princess dresses and accessories.  This mirror proved too tempting for Papa to pass up!

After a long day of travel and fun Hannah crashed in the car at 6pm and was gone for the night.  I was concerned she’d be up early but she slept right through until 6am the next morning!   Guess we tuckered her out!


Sleep well my sweet girl.  There’s a week of fun ahead of you!

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