Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Taste Treat–Grilled Pizza

Earlier this summer I saw a chef grilling pizza on the BBQ.  I made a mental note that when I eventually purchased a BBQ I wanted to give that a try.

So I give you, grilled pizza!  Easy, delicious and quick to whip up.  Give it a try!

First, I purchased prepared dough from the grocery store.  I’ve made my own in the Kitchen Aid a few times but this time it was all about simplicity.  As I fought with the dough to get it to a size larger than a quarter (How do they do that?  Will need to take lessons from my friend’s son who is working at a local pizza shop!) I also cooked or heated most of the pizza toppings.

Once everything was ready to go it was time to start grilling!

I put the dough directly on the grill and let the bottom get crusty.  So neat to watch it bubble and expand!IMG_4739

When the one side was grilled I brought it into the house and flipped it onto a cookie sheet with the grilled side up.  The whole thing had pizza sauce and (cooked) bacon on it.  I added mushrooms to my side making sure not even one jumped to Hannah’s side and to her side we added pineapple. (This was also a great thing to make together!) I love cooking and baking with my girl!

Cheese was then sprinkled on the entire pizza.  I need to be cautious with Hannah’s cheese intake so hers tends to have less and mine more but I did that when she wasn’t looking. Winking smileIMG_4741

Once the pizza was topped it was back to the grill for a second time.  IMG_4742

I would like to show you a pic of us digging in but it was so delicious that I forgot to take any pics.  You’ll just have to trust us that it was delicious!!

If you’re looking for a tasty new way to makeover your pizza, try baking them on the BBQ!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mid-Autumn Moon Gathering

Hannah and I are blessed to share friendships with a number of local families who have also formed their families through the blessing of international adoption.  Yesterday J & D opened their home to our group once again and oh what fun we had!

We started our afternoon at a great little park down the road from their home.   The parents had time to play with our kids and visit together too as some of us only see one another at these twice yearly celebrations of the Mid-Autumn Moon and Chinese New Year/Tet.

IMG_4754 - Copy

Hannah and I are blessed to have Ange care for Hannah while I am at work.  I love that our families are so close and that our children share such special friendships.  Here Hannah and Grayson are sharing some spinning time together.  For as fast as my girl often moves, she can be equally slow and gentle when younger friends are involved.IMG_4753

Before we walked back to J&D’s we attempted a group shot on the climber.IMG_4760

While the parents prepared supper the kids made lanterns for our evening parade.  IMG_4766


Our lantern parade. 


Oh how I love my little lion!IMG_4792

Saturday, September 13, 2014

1 Week to Disney!!

We decided the best way to spend a Friday evening the week before we go to Disney is to have supper together with the families that are going to be there with!  We had a great time and hung at McDonald’s for almost 3 hours.IMG_4746

1 week from now we’ll all be at Disney and ready to share lots of fun times together.  Hannah and I will spend about 1/2 our trip with family and friends and 1/2 of it just the 2 of us together.  A perfect combination!!  We’re going with my brother Dave, SIL Trish, niece Makenna and nephew Kallen.  Our wonderful friends Bonnie, Paul and their kiddos Nathan and Kaitlyn will be there too.  Can’t wait!IMG_4747

David and I haven’t been to Disney together since we were kids.  So thankful for this gift of time to spend together!

Monday, September 08, 2014

Jump, jump, jump!!!

We tried out a ’trampoline place recently and Hannah had a blast with her friends Benjamin and Ava!  Ava had been to a place like this before but it was a first (but not a last is my guess) for Hannah and Benjamin.  The area where they spent the majority of their time is a bunch of trampolines all attached.  The kids got to jump to their hearts content with the understanding that it’s only 1 child per trampoline.  If a tramp by you is empty it’s fair game to hop on over…literally!

You’ll see from these pics that I need to figure out what setting to use on my camera to capture the action but I decided to post these blurry pics anyway!IMG_4642

That smile was plastered on her face the entire time…and by the end of the hour her hair was plastered to her head!  IMG_4645

We ended up being there on ‘Customer Appreciation Day’ which included free fruit and sandwiches plusIMG_4641

face painting!IMG_4652

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Cheering on Her Best Bud!

Hannah and I had the opportunity to cheer on Benjamin at a recent kids triathlon and it was so exciting! 

He started with swimming 25 metres and he chose not to wear a life jacket.  Here is some of Benjamin’s cheering squad. IMG_4662

Yes, that’s our group yelling, cheering and ringing the bells!  You’d think he was in the Olympics!  LOL!!  Great swim Ben!!

We ran outside while Ben went to his transition station and quickly prepared for bike portion.  He was so fast that some of us only got to see his return on the 1.5km bike ride!  Love his intensity!IMG_4667

Benjamin’s final leg of his race was a 500m run.  Check out his form and this was in the last 100m of the entire race!!IMG_4674

Benjamin replacing his fluids after his great race with Granddad his coach who is an amazing triathlon competitor himself.


We are all so proud of you Benjamin!!  Way to go!!!ben's triathlon

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