Monday, September 01, 2014

Let’s Go To The Ex!!

The Canadian National Exhibition is held the last 2 1/2 weeks of August.  Sadly it also signifies the end of summer as the kids go back to school the day after the fair ends Labour Day Monday.  (Our school holidays are the months of July and August.)

My SIL Trish and I decided to take her 2 youngest and Hannah to the fair on August 23rd and we had such fun together!  The adventures began first thing when we boarded the train for the ride to the fair.  Kallen found a way for him to enjoy the scenery racing by.IMG_4560

2 excited little girls.  Hannah often asks when she can see Makenna as the two of them are best friends as well as cousins!


Our traditional first stop is at Tiny Tom doughnuts.  Mmmm….delicious little morsels of yumminess covered in icing sugar.  They were deeelicious – I think!  One difference since becoming a Mommy is that I got 1 1/2 and happily gave the rest of them to my sweet girl.  She enjoyed sharing them with Kallen.


While Kallen napped the girls enjoyed a few rides in the kiddie midway.IMG_4578

They had lots of fun playing in the Mickey Mouse jumping area!IMG_4580

As we wandered around there was a comedy show that we stopped to watch.  Before I knew it Hannah was in the show!  She later told me she didn’t like it but if you watch carefully at the beginning of the video she looks back with a smile and gave me a little finger wave so I didn’t realize she wasn’t having fun.  Thankfully it was only seconds long.  At Disney she always tries to be chosen to participate in shows so I thought it was the same this time.  Oops, lesson learned.  She was awfully cute!

We went into the farm building and it ended up being our favourite time of the entire Ex!  So many activities for the girls to do and they thoroughly enjoyed it!  Milking a cow.


The girls were rewarded with these cute little horse headbands at the end of their farming adventure where they milked a cow, gathered eggs, picked fruit from trees and more.IMG_4590

They were also able to try out their horse riding skills a couple of different ways.

Hannah loved this!  I have a feeling she’ll be asking for horse back riding lessons when she gets older.  I love listening to her giggle while she rides!!

After lunch we checked out the arts and crafts building.  Doesn’t she look adorable!  Kinda kicking myself that I didn’t buy her this hat!IMG_4603

The girls enjoyed when we visited a booth where they could decorate face masks.IMG_4610

Kallen in turn enjoyed ripping his mask apart as quick as his mommy gave it to him!IMG_4607

The girls waited patiently ALL DAY for a candy apple.  Each time we saw them they reminded us that we were getting one as we were leaving.  Finally around 8pm we re ready to catch the train home so we stopped to buy them their longed for candy apples.IMG_4619

They ate them for about 5 mins before both declared that they didn’t really like candy apples after all!  LOL!  Isn’t that they way??

Trish, we enjoyed a great day with you and are super excited that all of us plus Uncle Dave will be headed to Disney together in just 19 more sleeps.  Woo hoo!!!  °o°

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Welcome Home Baby Lily!!!

Last Friday evening Hannah and I headed to the airport with many friends to celebrate the homecoming of sweet baby Lily!  Hannah with Lily poster - Copy

After their file being logged in China for more than 7 1/2 years (!!!) D and S finally received their referral call a couple of months ago and excitedly prepared to head to China to welcome home their sweet daughter! 

It was a wonderful treat to go to the airport and welcome home their sweet daughter L!


Although D & S’s file went to China only 8 months after mine, they have waited an additional long 4 1/2 years for their log-in-date to be reached.  I ask you to please pray for those many, many families who are still waiting for their children and many others who have made the agonizing choice not to continue with their adoption due to long, uncertain wait.  Others have had the decision made for them by unfair agencies and government ‘rules’ which breaks my heart!  Please pray for all of these precious families, many who still have a part of their heart in China regardless of the state of their adoption.  Thank you!

Check out that precious smile!  IMG_4530

Hannah took a shine to sweet L and stood so still when she played with her bows.  IMG_4546

We asked the kids to ‘stay in the circle’ as a good example to baby L and it was so neat to watch them play with their new ‘cousin’.   There is a group of 6 families who met many years ago as we were all waiting to become parents and the friendship we share is a cherished and precious one and feels very much like a selected family.  Oh how we love each and every one of them!!!IMG_4535

A family complete! Congratulations D and S!!!  We love you and are so happy for you!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mama’s New Toy!

My parents gave me a BBQ for my birthday the year that I bought my house…17 years ago.  It’s needed to be replaced for a few years now but it just wasn’t in the budget.IMG_4431  Last week I went to our grocery store and on a last minute whim decided to check out what they had left in stock.  I’d shared my thoughts with my Dad about wanting to buy a new BBQ and his one recommendation was to ensure that the racks were stainless steel.  After replacing mine a few years back with some inexpensive wire racks I knew that he was right.  Needless to say, by looking at the pic below you can tell that my BBQ had been out of order for a long time since I preferred not to add rust to my food!IMG_4432

When Hannah and I went to the seasonal section they had a few BBQ’s left.  I was excited when I found one that met my budget and had stainless steel racks but unfortunately they were all sold out.   After thinking about it a bit more I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask if they’d like to sell the floor model.  I was super excited when not only did they say yes but they dropped the price by another $30 so it ended up being over 60% off the original price!  Add to that that I had enough points to pay for it, I ended up getting it for FREE!!  Dad was excited that it was already put together and he wouldn’t have to do it for me!  A win-win for both of us! 

The BBQ didn’t fit in my car but Dad and Mom offered to pick it up for me the following day and brought it to our place.  Ahhh…now that’s better!IMG_4434

We checked out all the connections and after Mom and Dad left it was time to fire it up!IMG_4435

Yummo!  Steak with sautéed mushrooms (sorry K) and a baked potato with Heluva Dip were the perfect meal to christen the new BBQ!  All that was missing was the kalamata aioli M3IMG_4433

We enjoyed our first meal on our BBQ!  The second meal quickly took us back to reality.  Tube steaks!  (aka hot dogs)  Now that’s more like it for us.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

5 Year Referral Celebration Day!

5 years ago today my life changed in the most amazing, wonderful way!  I was blessed by God with the title my heart had longed to hold for as long as I could remember, ‘Mom!!!’  After waiting (im)patiently for the 3 1/2 years that my file was in China, Deborah called to share the news!  I am forever thankful that in the 30 minutes from her initial email that she was preparing to call until the call came, I was able to gather my parents and my ‘mother-in-love’ in one room so that we could get the great news together!

August 21, 2009 ~ Hannah’s Referral Call!  (Hannah and I watched this together last night.  A huge smile filled her face as she saw and heard our reactions and I once again cried ‘happy tears’ as that amazing day was replayed once again!!)

I still pinch myself often to believe that I am blessed to call this most amazing girl my daughter!!

2014 – 5.5yo2014 - 5.5yo

2013 – 4.5yo2013a - 4.5 yo

2012 – 3.5yo2012 - 3.5 yo

2011 – 2.5yo2011 - 2.5 yo

2010 – 17 months old2010 - 18 months

2009 – pics taken when she was just 3.5 months old!2009

Hannah, before God created the world He knew that you and I would be Mother and Daughter and I am forever grateful to Him!  I love you Xiao Xiao!!  xoxoxo

Friday, August 15, 2014

China Sisters Reunion

Hannah and I are blessed to have been welcomed into the travel group from our agency that travelled to China the summer after us.  As they were preparing to travel in the summer of 2010 I was invited to share our experiences with them and sweet friendships were formed that very day.  Since then we have been welcomed into their group and I am thankful for these friendships.  I am also thankful that two of the little girls in this group came from the same Social Welfare Institute as Hannah, 1 of which even overlapped with her there by a couple of days.  These are precious gifts for this mama to have and hopefully in time Hannah will appreciate this too. Another neat thing is that all of the girls were born within 9 months of each other and are all entering Senior Kindergarten in September.

Hannah put on her serious face when we stopped the girls long enough to snap a few pics.


After that she asked me to take a picture of her alone.  Looking so grown up!IMG_4398

The girls jumped in the jumping castle for literally hours!  None of them stopped for more than a couple bites of lunch but ice cream was offered, that was another story!


The girls serenaded us with a song I’m sure you’ve never heard before!  (I love Hannah’s little arm swoop later in the song.  She loves to act out this song!)

Our amazing girls and their mama’s!  We are all blessed beyond measure!!IMG_4411

It was wonderful to join you for your 4th Family Day Celebration friends!  We are so thankful for the friendships our group share!

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