Thursday, April 27, 2006

Debbie and Shane's Layout - This is too cool!

If you haven't read the post about Julie's Layout that I posted this morning then please check it out and come back here. Too cool! I love it when this happens!

I arrived home today and as per normal, excitedly opened the mailbox to see if any new layouts for Hannah's Blessings Book had arrived. Sure enough a beautiful brown envelope was tucked safely inside my mailbox. (Who knew kraft envelopes could ever be considered beautiful?) I glanced at the return address and guess where it was...Summerside PEI!!! I (carefully) tore open the envelope to find a beautiful layout enclosed plus an Anne of Green Gables postcard!!! How cool is that?!

On the back was a precious note written to Hannah and I:

'Miss Hannah and Catherine,

You are Cordially invited to join Mrs. H-G and her daughter for tea at the tea room of 'Anne of Green Gables' in 2012 or there abouts. RSVP by holding my address and phone #. 'Come Play on my Island.'

Isn't that neat? Just this morning I posted about Julie and I and our future plans to visit PEI and today we received our formal invitation! I must tell you that Debbie had learned of our planned trip to PEI but I still think it's neat that both of these items arrived on almost the same day!

You may also notice a Tim's roll-up on the post card. Debbie creatively changed it to, 'Please Pray Again.' Oh yes, that is the theme of our adoptions! Placing our precious baby girls in the Father's hands.

Without further adieu, I give you the beautiful layout Debbie created.

There is a place for Hannah's picture to go in the top left corner. Also, under the card in the bottom right is this poem:
Little ways...
If I can be a candle
That makes some corner bright
I will not ask to be the moon
That brightens all the night.
I might just be one flower
And not a mighty tree.
But even one small blossom
Can be beautiful to see.
So if ther's just one someone
Whom I can help to bless.
I'll be content with little ways
Or spreading happiness.

Thanks you Shane and Debbie for your pretty layout and invitation to 'Come Play on your Island!' Hannah and I will come visit you for sure and bring our friends Julie and Tess along too! Can you even begin to imagine how cute those 3 precious little girls will be playing together?


  1. Sooo beautiful!!!

    I'm sooo scared to make Hannah one now!!! lol I can't do nearly as good of a job!!

  2. Ah Dawn....I know you'll do great! It's the gift of the layout that's important!

    I'm hoping this week to find time to put kits together for those that have requested them. Before that, I have to get my taxes done! Yikes...cutting it too close this year.

  3. Glad you liked it,I am certainly not a pro by any meand so Dawn if I can do it you can!
    Here is my blog under promisekeepersdaughter I am trying to figure out how to post my Favorite blogs and when I do yours will be on it. Ps. Thanks for the quilt peice and wish, it is very sweet.
    Deb and Shane


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